[Xiao Xian co-designed] Mollifix MoveFree high stretch training plastic pants (black + navy)

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Xiao Xian joint name-Friendly Myself High elastic stretch with side panel trim to modify leg shape Side pockets for small items



[Xiao Xian co-designed] Mollifix MoveFree high stretch training plastic pants (black + navy)


**[Mollifix] MoveFree High Stretch Training Pants (Black + Navy)** https://youtu.be/JPWrcMueyys SPORTY Series-Dynamic Plastic Pants Suitable for daily or various intensity sports, such as running, yoga, kettle bell, boxing and other sports #Friendly Myself I'm balanced. I'm better Xiao Xian's co-branded series, high elastic stretch with side mesh trimming to modify the leg shape, side pockets are designed to properly store small items, and wear them alone when exercising Lixin Foundation public welfare joint donation-donate 10% as a public welfare joint donation Size (CM): S: Waist circumference 60-68 Hip circumference 80-90 M: Waist 66-73 Hips 86-96 L: Waist 71-78 Hips 91-101 XL: Waist 76-86 Hips 99-111 XXL: Waist 83-93 Hip 109-119 (For detailed try-on report, please see the store description) https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_01.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_02.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_03.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_04.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_05.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_06.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_07.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_08.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_09.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_10.jpg https://photo.tcygroup.com.tw/mollifix/mf_web/product/item/EMX78001B1D49/pdintro/950_11.jpg Material: Main fabric: 71% Nylon 29% Spandex Fabric: 81% Nylon Nylon 19% Spandex Size (CM): S: Waist 60-68 Hips 80-90 M: Waist 66-73 Hips 86-96 L: Waist 71-78 Hips 91-101 XL: Waist 76-86 Hips 99-111 XXL: Waist 83-93 Hip 109-119 Origin: Taiwan Thoughtful reminder 1. Each person can withstand different degrees of tension. If you have any discomfort while wearing it, stop using it immediately. 2. If you have sensitive skin or feel unwell during use, please stop using it. 3. Due to the use of non-toxic and pollution-free non-azo dyes, it is recommended to rinse with water before first wearing. ⊙Washing method⊙ 1. When cleaning, please wash with water below 30 ° C and use a neutral detergent 2. After washing, please twist the shape lightly and dry it in a cool place. 3. Do not place in the washing machine for stirring and dehydration. Do not use bleach or high-temperature ironing. 4. Remember to wash by hand to avoid the washing machine damage the elastic fiber 5. Use non-toxic and non-polluting non-azo dyes. Fading is normal during washing. It is recommended to wash separately from light-colored clothes. Notes for use: 1. For those who have been sitting for a long time, please adjust the modified pants to the most comfortable level. 2. Anyone who is sensitive to the skin or feels uncomfortable when using it, please stop using it. 3. It is strictly forbidden to wear at bedtime to avoid discomfort due to poor blood circulation. 4. Due to the use of non-toxic and non-polluting non-azo dyes, slight discoloration is normal. It is recommended to rinse with water before first wearing. ‧Attention: Due to the protection of consumer personal hygiene, this intimate apparel will not be accepted for return or exchange. Thank you! (If the product itself is defective, you can exchange it within seven days, please do not try it on, thank you) ‧ Note: If you have any gifts or accessories when you return or exchange the goods, please send them back together, otherwise you will not be treated as a missing piece! ‧Attention: The color of the pictures on the webpage products will be slightly different due to the use of different brand screens and different resolutions. The actual color is better.


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