NO.19 Melpomene handmade wedding hair fork / brass / Czech beaded

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NO.19 Melpomene Product Details Size: 3cm × 8cm Material: Copper wire imported from the United States, Czech beads, paulownia, bright diamonds, metal fork Do not squeeze or pull to avoid deformation. Place of Origin: Taiwan Manufacturing method: handmade



NO.19 Melpomene handmade wedding hair fork / brass / Czech beaded


Melpomene of the nine muses. The muse of tragedy is in charge of tragedy. Her name "Μελπομένη" means "singer" or "sweet voice" in ancient Greek Wearing a costume cape and ancient Greek boots, wearing a flower crown made of cypress branches. Holding a tragedy mask in one hand and a short sword or club in the other. Poets in ancient Greece or Rome would pray to Melboni to write beautiful words. NO.19 Melpomene Melpomene Such as alloy parts, broken copper pieces will change the design or change the parts. #fromcandice #Melpomene # Bridal Hair Comb #Bridal Hair Pins #Bridal Hair Accessories #BridalHairComb #BridalHairPins #BridalHairAccessories #Wedding #WeddingMakeup #WeddingHair #BraidHair #Handmadebridaladornments #bridaladornments #bridal #Party #Fashion #Beauty #UnitedStates #Canada #handmade #handmadeJewelry Delivery time This is an order-made product. After the order is placed and the payment is confirmed, it will be shipped within 15 days * Only available from Monday to Thursday, before 15:00. Every Friday and the second day of the week, national holidays, unified shipment and delivery next Monday. Jewelry maintenance Oxidation of metal jewelry is unavoidable, or it can be extended through regular maintenance! The jewelry is stored separately. When the jewelry is not worn, it will avoid scratches due to collision with other jewelry. Avoid contact with chemicals, such as shampoo, shower gel, lotion, perfume, hot springs... etc. It is recommended not to take a bath or swim in the water. Prevent the jewelry from deforming and breaking. Because the jewelry is carefully made by hand, please don't pull it or shake it randomly. Jewelry is often replaced and worn. If the same jewelry is worn for a long time, sweat and grease will corrode the jewelry. How to clean the jewelry after removing it, wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue paper to remove water and dirt, and store it in a zipper bag to prevent air oxidation. Before wearing and regular maintenance, you can wipe it with a lens cloth. Regular wiping is also an important secret to maintaining jewelry. Keeping dry and isolating the air can slow down the time of metal oxidation and maintain the luster of the jewelry. Precautions Improper use, disassembly... and other damage caused by human factors will not be returned. Jewelry is hand-designed and made, and no return or exchange within 7 days is not supported. When you receive the goods, if there is a problem, please take a picture and contact customer service within 24 hours of receiving the goods. We will contact you and deal with it as soon as possible. Before sending any returned goods, please contact customer service for confirmation before sending, otherwise it will not be accepted. The returned merchandise must be in the complete package when the merchandise is received, the merchandise has no traces of wearing, and the merchandise remains intact. For "returns" without defects, please process the return within 7 days, and you will bear the freight yourself. All products have been inspected in detail before shipment. I apologize for any defects.


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