Small fruit [day] Comprehensive Limited Edition - dry tea 90g + 180g Bulk Dried Fruits Group 2 boxes / group

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Small fruit [day] Comprehensive Limited Edition - dry tea 90g + 180g Bulk Dried Fruits Group 2 boxes / group


[Small fruit] We insisted on retaining the traditional construction method, not to replace the manual machine, A road complex but traditional hand-made, more dried fruit restore natural nutritional value. Process, add only a little sugar as a natural preservative, Reject any artificial, chemical additives, to eat at ease without the burden, If the material to restore the true flavor, this is the real day fruiday small fruit dried fruit feast! ▲▲▲ + lemon tea dry pineapple pieces combined group ▲▲▲ Sour lemon tea accompanied by sweet pineapple pieces, fresh taste of early adopters waiting for you! 52˚C lemon tea dry 86˚C block pineapple dried fruit 【 feature of product】 Local fruit ::::: ::::: Because the source location, taken from Tainan fresh local farming. ::::: Natural chemical free ::::: With sugar as a natural preservative, though a shorter shelf life, But dried fruit fresh, authentic flavor retention, eat at ease, without the burden of the body. ::::: ::::: 9 Traditional Method Full use of manual work, round after round of complicated and time-consuming manual procedures, Careful to take into account each link to ensure the final quality and taste of dried fruit. [Hand-Process] Nutrition labeling of products [] Lemon fruit dry food content: 90 g / box Dried fruit food pineapple block content: 180g / box Delivery: Normal distribution, can be placed at room temperature or refrigerated upon receipt. Additional information: dried fruits are kept refrigerated, will send back the phenomenon of ice, so water droplets, sticking the bag is normal. Manufacturing location: Taiwan. [Declaration] peace of mind Food Safety and Inspection: TÜV no pesticide residues, SGS certification testing no coloring, no preservatives, no chemical additives. This product liability insurance products Cathay million.