Cosmic Series Guardian Bracelet - Pluto Pluto

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Cosmic Series Guardian Bracelet - Pluto Pluto


The ruler of Scorpio
"Be a mysterious precaution, and enthusiastically explore the outer heart."

◆ Material ◆
紫 Purple chalcedony, black agate, artificial pearl, Japanese glass beads, cotton tassels, semi-hard lines
现货 Spot size is 18cm
附 Bonus: zipper bag x1, SAMAZAMA drawstring bag x1

◆ Ordering Notes ◆
░ Working days are about 3-5 days. If special materials are out of stock, it will take 7-14 days of workday. If there is an urgent item, you can first ask for the current condition.
░ The material uses natural stone, etc., which will have different natural textures.
░ Product photos will show some color difference due to different weather and screen colors.
░ Please confirm the size of the jewelry before purchase, each piece of jewelry is customized, no replacement size is provided after the subscript

◆ Hand size ◆
░ The bracelets are custom-made, and the size of the hand (cm) is reserved when ordering. Please remember to fill in the remarks and fill in the remarks column.
░ Hand measuring method: You can use the wire around the thinnest part of the wrist, no need to reserve space or pull too tight, and lightly attach the wrist to your custom hand size.
░ It will be widened by 1-1.5cm when it is made. It is specially made to give you the most appropriate size. It will be more comfortable when worn, and let the bracelet accompany your daily life.

◆ Jewelry Care Instructions ◆
蜡 Wax on the wax line will gradually decrease with time and use. This is normal and does not affect wearing.
░ Gold/silver-plated jewelry will be oxidized and faded due to factors such as sweat/hand washing. This is normal.
镀 Plated gold jewelry is not pure gold, will gradually fade with the use of habits and time, do not treat with pure gold standards.
░ When the 925 silver jewelry is oxidized, it can be wiped gently with a silver cloth to restore the luster.
░ 925 bags of K gold jewelry are not permanently painted, the surface of the K gold cladding will still be faded due to factors such as wiping and collision, please try to avoid wiping with a silver cloth.
░ If there is a lot of water in the swimming or bathing, it is recommended to remove the jewelry first to reduce the possible oxidative fading caused by prolonged contact.
时 When not wearing it at all times, it is recommended to collect it in the zipper bag (included in the product).
避免 Avoid direct contact with perfume and direct sunlight

◆ After-sales problem ◆
░ If it is a customized product, except for the presence of goods, the rest of the service is not returned.
░ If you need to modify the size after receiving the goods, you will need to pay the additional postage and additional production costs.

◆ The last final ◆
身 As a girl who likes to wear enamel ornaments on her body, she likes her own accessories with a subtle and unique speciality. She wears a belief with daily nights and nights, and hopes to buy jewelry or any small things at LabSAMAZAMA. Can have the best commemoration for you.
░ All kinds of intractable diseases can be asked by message, please kindly :)

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