Star banana and friends - waterproof stickers

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Waterproof, Scratch Resistant, Sticker on White, Fits on Kettle, Helmet, Luggage, Notebook, Phone Case etc. Yo ~ ♡


Star banana and friends - waterproof stickers


Star banana and friends shining ~ ~ ✨

This is waterproof, scratch-resistant, white sticker! ♡ ฅ (*° ▽ °*) ฅ ♡
Because the big sticker is too big (?) So it is out of everyone's love in the sticker ~
The same paste in the kettle, helmets, luggage, notebook, phone shell and other things are super fit Yo ~ ♡

Take a look at who appeared this time!

✦ banana ✦
Stars like bananas, a yellow body, glow in the dark sometimes.
Head of the ball will change because of the mood, good mood will open a flower.
Most of the time optimistic and cheerful, positive, bad mood when the body pan-green, and in a circle.
Determined to be a banana to bring everyone happy, wrong, is the star!
The kind of glow :)

✦ cotton ✦
Body is made of cotton candy, soft but not sticky, showing a soft pink gradient.
Gentle personality is a bit Mensao, used to accompany the banana side, in each other's bad mood, will use a soft body warm.
The antennae on the head have the function of sensing people's mood.
But often mistaken for sheep or alpaca, it will be angry too!
Determined to become the same with cotton candy, sweet and soft warm presence. :)

✦ snoring sugar ✦
The body of the snoring sugar is sugar calabash, as sweet as cotton!
Body and head of the fruit will change with the emotional impact,
Too much mood will become five or more, the mood is not good will be reduced to one,
Head of the fruit sometimes strawberry sometimes apple is sometimes other what,
In short, is able to stretch the role of ~ :)

✦ Lying ✦
Cats at home - Pata, Patata, most often call her to lie down,
One day at home parking downstairs to see us turned naughty, and then we were home waves.
Patata is the potato Spanish, on behalf of lazy couch potato,
Sleepy sleepy and naughty smelly ~ ~ ヽ (= ^ · ᴥ · ^ =) 丿

✦ Slightly ✦
Adoption of the United States short, originally called pudding, but because the tongue often forgot to go back,
So we were called ㄌ ㄩ ㄝ ㄌ ㄩ ㄝ, slightly.
Is only very easy to be scared, but also looks very calm uncle,
Also sleepy all day and naughty smelly ~ ~ ヽ (= ^ · ᴥ · ^ =) 丿

Attached smelly photos (= ^ · ᴥ · ^ =)

✦ Siamese Tree ✦
Husband and wife tree by the two pairs of red cypress trees formed Lu Shenmu landscape, the location is located in the corner of the road, so the couple tree eye-catching.
The formation of dead wood was caused in 1963 by the death of a forest fire and was struck by lightning in 1996, similar to that of Alishan.
I think it is too sad for the husband and wife to die so let them be resurrected!
This is a good phrase above, I broke off, I just think the tree is so cute, kind of grow together strong feeling! :)

✦ Siamese ✦
Think of a song, Hsiao Hsuan-ju and peace of mind to sing "love to be at ease" MV,
Two people wearing the same clothes, super sweet super cool ~ ♡
With the same people wearing the same clothes, we can not be separated! :) ♡


✦ sticker material is PVC, thick matte, waterproof, scratch-resistant, durable material ~
✦ Each sticker is cut by hand, the size and shape of the periphery are slightly different, the size of the picture is the length and width "about" length ~
✦ Each leaflets for sale, please choose which character you want and quantity, to choose a different style should be separated election ~
✦If you want to buy one for each character and think that selecting one by one is too much trouble, you can press "Contact Designer" to tell me that I can open an exclusive order for you ~
✦ This sticker is naked, that is, there is no exquisite (extra) packaging, but still it will be well placed in the envelope, safe to your hands ~ Please rest assured ~ :)
✦ photo because the light and shade of each screen display color, and the color of the product slightly different, please do not mind if you buy!
✦ If you have any question, please click "Contact Designer" to tell me ~: D
Origin / manufacturing methods
✦ banana design, made in Taiwan ✦


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