Value Christmas Gift Box - Limited Offer - Handmade Soap

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Value Christmas Gift Box - Limited Offer - Handmade Soap


Value Christmas gift box, 66% off for sale ~
★ with a small blank card color pattern, if you need to write a small card, please write on the order notes to write on the blessing!
★ random selection of small card patterns, each is different!

● Syrian ancient soap formula - laurel olive handmade soap (praise re-sale)
● Good use of lovely cup cake soap
● small cute macarons handmade soap
● Exfoliating Taiwan loofah sponge
● flower cookies handmade soap

Contents: Laurel Castile Soap * 1 / Cup Cake Soap * 1 / Macaron Handmade Soap * 2 / Flower Biscuit Handmade Soap * 1 / Taiwan Natural Loofah * 1
★ cup cake soap and pony caron handmade soap and flower cookies soap random shipping ★

● laurel olive soap
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Laurel Seed Oil / Olive Oil
Suitable for: All skin / can wash from head to foot

This laurel olive soap is based on the Syrian ancient soap formula modulation, the whole to retain more oil nutrients cold method (the traditional ancient soap is made by thermal method made) handmade in Taiwan, after six A month of saponification before ripe into use, is a can wash from the ground to the feet, and with a mysterious soap! For the best shampoo, hair after washing is very soft, super recommended!

Laurel olive soap laurel oil content can be from 10% to 80%, with a higher proportion of lauric seed oil soap, the higher the price, we can see the precious laurea seed oil ~

● cup cake soap
When the cupcake on the bathroom at home, not only pleasing, but also to meet the dessert control you!

● pony caron handmade soap
Mini version of super pink Macaron
These ultra-pink color are from natural plants, although can not eat, but the same insisted all-natural, small and cute travel travel soap!

● flower cookies handmade soap
Pure natural cold soap, the use of extrusion techniques squeezed into pieces of biscuits, but also because of the hand-squeeze, less the commercialization of the model, the size of each piece and the pattern can not be all the same, a small, very convenient travel

● Exfoliating Taiwan loofah sponge
Natural loofah network, the natural distribution of the texture, unlike the chemical loofah neatly, the first loofah can be softened when used, gently back and forth in hand soap to produce foam, you can use the skin, can remove old waste Horny, is the most natural exfoliating way!

★ soap pavilion soap no vivid color no pungent smell
Only the natural plant extracts that are really carefully preserved for the skin
All are time-consuming manual cold soap strict selection of natural high-quality vegetable oil
Add a bit of slime plant vanilla and then add a little creative factor
So that handmade soap can not only accompany you to bathe every day
More can be packaged up this natural
As one of the most environmentally friendly and creative gifts for your favorite family and friends!

■ invoice shipping instructions
Invoice attached with the goods, if you do not need an invoice, will donate charity groups
If you need to send an invoice [Please make up postage 28 yuan]:

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / cold method


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