AMCA AN Ke ~ Silver Workshop for pet ashes cat necklace _

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AMCA AN Ke ~ Silver Workshop for pet ashes cat necklace _


/ Brand story / It was written records of life, some people imagine the life that I live with a silver record, Like hand-made through dedication and focus on the blessings of energy into work, Each piece is unique and can not be replaced! For me, not just silver ornaments or accessories, It is the eternal canvas, endless variations of metal material, pass happy pigeon, Would like to commemorate, to convey, to a precious collection of every emotion, Sent to the hands of a loved one - AMCA AN Ke of silver Workshop was founded in 2014, AMCA were Awake (awakening), Miracle (Miracle), Create (create) and Aloha (Love) four words in English acronym, It AMCA wants to pass through the hand-made silver souls information. / Commodity Description / We deeply appreciate, accompanied by close friends as children passed away ten years of hair and sad lonely ... Thus the introduction of the ashes pet accessories, pet photos available customized to retain the ashes, hair, nails, teeth and other artifacts (non-perishable material) Let love continue, last forever, accompanied ... / Designer / Michelle Hung / Size and Pricing / * Silver (monochrome): 15 * 15mm: 3000 Yuan 20 * 20mm: 4000 Yuan 25 * 25mm: 5000 Yuan 30 * 30mm: 6000 Yuan 35 * 35mm: 7000 Yuan 40 * 40mm: 8000 Yuan * Silver + Copper (color): 15 * 15mm: 5000 Yuan 20 * 20mm: 6000 Yuan 25 * 25mm: 8000 Yuan 30 * 30mm: 9000 Yuan 35 * 35mm: 11000 Yuan 40 * 40mm: 12000 Yuan ... Larger please separate inquiry * This is a schematic estimated size, the exact size of the actual design of the main / Material / 999 sterling silver, copper Use environmentally safe non-toxic clay silver clay and copper production Silver content of 99.9%, higher than the market standard 925 silver / Contents / Silver Pendant 1 * 16-inch or 18-inch sterling silver chain * 1 * 1 box Silver polishing cloth 1 * Folder chain bag * 1 AMCA warranty card * 1 (The remaining ashes) / Custom workflow / 1. (custom orders) Communication Design -> confirm the pattern size and quote -> Payments 2. Please ashes or other possessions properly packaged, Powdery about 5 dollar coin size; Please use block wrapped in toilet paper placed in small containers to avoid collision fragmentation send process No. 250 sent by registered Nanping Road 813 Kaohsiung Zuoying District Hong Yufang 3. In a note intended to indicate the engraved words (or other pet name) / Operate and maintain / 1. Often wear (can be wearing bathing) body fat can produce natural moist luster, not easy to make silver black 2 black surface oxidation is a normal phenomenon, it comes with a silver cleaning cloth can be restored light 3. Glue this piece has vulcanized, does not recommend the use of wash water cleaning silver 4. Please wear collections to temporarily when zipper bag and cut off the air to avoid oxidation black 5. Do not wear jewelry when the bubble spa and swimming, avoid black silver oxide / Origin / manufacture info / Made in Taiwan / Kaohsiung handmade


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