| Spring day agreement | Dry flowers. birthday present. Graduation bouquet. Daily bouquet. Pink purple

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This store is pink and purple, like other colors please go to different store subscripts, also welcome private informati


| Spring day agreement | Dry flowers. birthday present. Graduation bouquet. Daily bouquet. Pink purple


**Photos can refer to the overall size of the bouquet and the proportions held on the hand**

Not too grand and gorgeous bouquet,

This size bouquet is just right,
Suitable for daily appointments with walking hands,
Simply give it to you :)


*work size: bouquet size about 27~30 cm can refer to photo size

* Use of flower materials: dried flowers

* This production is for order production. After confirming the payment, it will be produced. The ordering time is about 3~5 working days.

*storage method:

. It is recommended to place in a cool and ventilated place to avoid the wet, hot, direct sunlight environment

. Flower materials are relatively fragile, try to avoid collision and extrusion

. When dust is attached, it is advisable to blow off the dust by gently blowing or blowing the ball, or gently wipe it with a soft brush.

. Good preservation can maintain viewing for six months or more, but the fading and weathering that will slowly appear over time are normal.


. Only a small amount of goods sold merchandise, spot sales is to order after the order, set the constraints to take 3 to 5 working days, delivery time is about 1 to 3 days, if you are urgent single, need to specify the arrival date Or have other special needs, welcome to private inquiry and then place orders :)

. The sale of merchandise is only for the gift itself. It does not include other materials that are displayed in the photo.

. Since the variety of flower materials will change with the seasonality, if the flowers are out of stock, they will be slightly adjusted to maintain the overall color and style of the Huali works.

. Dry flowers and non-bearing flowers are all natural flowers and plants that have been dried and dyed. Because the shape, size and color of natural floral materials are all somewhat different, for example, dried hydrangea will have various beautiful changes in the size, color and shade of the leaflet, so the same style of floral ceremony will certainly have natural floral materials. Some minor differences in conditions!

. The floral photos are all presented in the color that is closest to the appearance of the work itself, but inevitably there may be a slight color difference between the pictures and the colors displayed on the screens. If you are concerned about the color difference, please consider carefully before ordering. :)

. Have any ideas or questions, welcome to communicate with us by contacting us:)

* Customized flower ceremony:

. All kinds of flower rites can provide customized services, welcome private communication, order your own unique gift :)

. Currently only provide dry / not withered floral works order, there is no flower order service!

. Respect for creativity, we do not accept reproductions of other floral brands based on image requests!

* Delivery related:

. Delivery time is about 1~2 days

. 7-11 delivery time will be about 2~3 days (*Note: ceramic flower can't be sent by hyper shop!) Delivery has a volume limit, please do not use if you want to purchase more than two works. Hey!

. Temporarily not providing overseas shipping services

. The dry/not-falling flowers are fragile and the packaging will be properly protected against collisions. However, it is a normal phenomenon that some drops will fall during transportation.

. If you have any questions or have any dissatisfaction with the goods you received, please take a photo and contact us at the first time, we will immediately handle it for you:)


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