【FELLOW】 DUO soaking coffee pot - green [limited edition out of print, sold out]

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【FELLOW】 DUO soaking coffee pot - green [limited edition out of print, sold out]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdm8XkP14XM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PfoeEVYp9M 【product description】 Duo coffee pot is a perfect combination of research and design aesthetic combination of products, give you the best coffee taste, and can also keep the coffee beans complete oil and aroma, no longer need filter paper and other supplies. And then tested the density of the filter combination, we developed the best 1 +2 layer with way to prevent the coffee sediment affect the taste, the use of Duo coffee pot to cook out the coffee, so that the coffee powder completely wet in the hot water , Extract the most complete taste and grease, simply enjoy the delicious coffee. Duo is different from the general way coffee filter pot, in addition to innovative stainless steel 1 + 2 layer filter structure, so that coffee will not have a thick precipitate, and completely separate the coffee powder from the soaked coffee so that the coffee is no longer Because the soaking time is too long to change the taste. Duo at the same time so that the process of making a simple brewing simple, just add hot water and coarse ground coffee powder, so that coffee powder completely soaked, easy to turn, each consumer bubble out their own mellow coffee, enjoy a simple cook The coffee is fine. If the coffee will speak, it encounters Duo will be surprised to speak! Dual Filtration. * Double layer filter The most coffee aroma and taste, no past the sediment Separation * Coffee powder and coffee separation Do not see the opaque coffee, nor because the coffee powder and coffee are not separated, and soak for too long to produce bitterness. Control * Adjusted by personal taste You can according to their own preferences to adjust the coffee powder soaking time No BPA / BPB * Food grade non-toxic materials Coffee will only come into contact with stainless steel, glass and silicone. No Paper * No filter paper required Duo stainless steel filter can be used permanently. 【Three steps of cooking coffee 1. Brew The first step soak coffee powder Add three tablespoons of coffee powder, coffee powder, please grind for the thicker size, add 93 degrees C hot water to the stainless steel cup. The first filter basket and the second layer of the filter are stainless steel 18/8 material (SS 304). Twist The second step is to rotate the stainless steel cup After four minutes, turn the top rotating ring counterclockwise. Coffee will flow through the two layers of network to the glass lower body. Long live gravitation! 3. Enjoy Step 3 Enjoy the perfect homemade coffee Cooked coffee powder is separated from the stainless steel cup, then you can directly from the spout pour just cooked coffee to your ready cup. Duo can cook 700ml of coffee at a time. 【About FELLOW】 FELLOW is the brand created by the American venture fundraiser in kickstarter, the first listed product Duo soaking coffee pot, in just one week there are 2,712 supporters, raising US $ 193,402 (about 6 million NT dollars). Spent 18 months, and finally meet with you! FELLOW was born! FELLOW the beginning of the goal is to put our hands on the idea of your home to become part of the table. Duo coffee pot is our first listed child, so you can easily extract the essence of every coffee beans. We are a few very fanatical people on the coffee, and we are also fascinated by product design. Our creation is to solve everyone to buy coffee tools often face the choice of the problem! Because you no longer have to worry about in the end to buy good or easy to use coffee tools. Whether you are a coffee expert or a newcomer, you should enjoy the fun of cooking coffee. We hope that FELLOW can become your partner, and you cook together a cup of "invincible world" delicious coffee. Specifications Capacity: 24oz. (700ml) Net weight: 1.15kg Size: Diameter 120 x Height 300 (mm) Material: Top stainless steel 304 (18/8), tempered glass, silicone seal, insulation, bottom insulation, PP cover * The use of materials in this product are in line with food-grade specifications, please feel free to use - Silicone (heat resistant to 180 ℃) - Polypropylene PP (heat resistant to 105 ° C) Origin / manufacturing method China