Custom Sakura Pet Tooth Necklace

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Flower said that during the season limited / Japanese Kansai cherry blossoms. True Flower Gemstone Necklace /


Custom Sakura Pet Tooth Necklace

商品説明 "If there is a kind of blue, called the blue of Kyoto, then there is a powder next to her, called the powder of cherry blossoms." "I can’t bear to let it go, so let the sakura smash it." "Please let me try my best to protect the cherry blossoms from home." "Sakura is the thinnest flower in the world. In order to maintain her fragile and delicate flower, every step of the process must be extremely careful. 1. After the cherry tree leaves the tree, it will wither within two hours, so it will start the drying process within two hours. 2. Put the cherry blossoms out of the water and put them on a towel with strong water absorption. 3. Gently cover the towel and start the drying process. 4. Over-dehydrated cherry blossoms, the color will become dull, So after a little drying, gently put it back in the water to keep it moist to maintain its life and color. 5. But if it is too wet, the petals will rot, so take it out every three days and dry it once. 6. Put it back in the water for three days, dry it for another day, then put it back in the water for three days until the day you take her home. Such high consumption rate, failure rate, and such high intentions are definitely worth waiting for. " - Since we are using real flowers, the posture of each flower is not the same. ************************************************** ******************* Name of the work / Japanese Kansai Cherry Blossom. Real flower gemstone necklace Pendant size / 33mm x 18mm Chain length / 45cm Chain style / water wave chain Overall weight / 3.5 grams or so Material / Gemstone for epoxy / Necklace for 925 sterling silver ************************************************** ******************** The real flower is sealed with [resin] and finely embossed into a gemstone shape with a mirror finish. Paired with [96.13% gold +3.81 silver Japanese pure gold foil] and [925 sterling silver] necklace, A noble and elegant temperament necklace! ### Never use the fake gold foil paper commonly found in the workshop### Maintenance method / Can be placed in the supplied box to prevent air from being dissolved when not worn, to prevent oxidation of pure silver Wipe with silver cloth, or use toothpaste to wipe off the oxidation position Matters needing attention / Because of the use of real flowers, each flower has her posture, Not exactly like a photo, every necklace is so unique. / The resin may generate bubbles during the manufacturing process. Production time required / This product is sent 10 to 15 days after the estimated payment (no holidays included).


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