Grape Hyacinth Limited Dry Flower Earrings

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1st anniversary design limited edition real flower set earrings 🌷1st real flower set - grape hyacinth 🍇瑠


Grape Hyacinth Limited Dry Flower Earrings


This product uses real flower production Japanese material use Optional ear or ear clip Size: about 3.5*3cm in diameter ୨୧-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-୨୧ 🌷1st real flower set - grape hyacinth 🍇瑠 The earrings use hydrangea petals. a piece of potted petals push each other, To create a feeling of a three-dimensional flower🌼 Purple hydrangea, because romantic colors are loved by people So it was given a very beautiful flower language by people. That is 'reunion' People think that this pinkish purple gives people a very romantic feeling. And it can also create a very warm environment for people. Very suitable for people to reunite In addition, it also has the meaning of 'happy love' This is my favorite selfish 💜💐 The color of the petals is water red, lilac and snow blue. Very dreamy color scheme🦄💫 This is not a flower shape based on the petals. But according to the color matching, the color gradient and the harmony To show the biggest features of water red, clove, snow blue and purple, three colors. The same part of the stamen has a drill collar The last special feature is the addition of several mermaid pearls to the lilac petals. The mermaid-colored pearls are made of transparent light mixed with snow blue, azure and frost. With different angles of view, there will be reflections of different colors. It’s the heart of the unpredictable mermaid. The earplugs in the earrings of this real flower collection are made of pearl enamel. The overall feeling is more refined💜 ୨୧-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-୨୧ Small reminder: ● Handmade products and earrings are sanitary products and will not be accepted for return. ● 100% handmade products, if not required to buy. ● The actual product color has been taken as much as possible. Because each screen color setting value is different, the color is not adjusted. Please refer to thank you. ● Please note that each pair of earrings is hand-made and will be slightly different from the photo but does not affect the appearance and overall adjustment. ●Please understand that the color and size of each flower are not the same. ୨୧-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-୨୧ 💐 Note: ● Please do not rub the lotion or perfume on the wearing parts to avoid excessive oxidation of the jewelry. ● The cured resin ester is brittle, please wear it carefully. ●Handmade goods, please use carefully to avoid damage, avoid touching steam, do not wear when taking a bath ● Metal products are normal if they are oxidized. ●The real flower set is very fragile compared to the previous jewelry. Please be careful to store it in a position that will not damage the jewelry. Please do not force the petals. ●The goods belong to the order making, and the number of days required has been displayed on the product page. If there is an urgent need, you can ask if you can meet the time of receipt.


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