Sambar-Chaser stag deer horns necklace aboriginal personality

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|Material|Epoxy resin + color imitation leather line + ancient silver beads |Package size|24.5x12.5x1.5cm | Animal teeth about 9cm|


Sambar-Chaser stag deer horns necklace aboriginal personality


a long long time ago, When a group of hunters of the Thao raced in the mountains, I found a fat white deer, Everyone then drove the hound. All the way over the mountains to chase the big white deer. It is said that after the Thao ancestors chased the white deer into the mountains, After a few days of chasing, when everyone is exhausted, I saw a lake of water in front of me. The white deer chased by the Thao people has nowhere to go. Then rushed into the lake, In the lake where the white deer disappeared, there are many fish swimming in it. The lake is not only beautiful, but also inexhaustible. This is really the benefit that God gave to the people to settle down!! Since then, the Thao people have settled here. And this beautiful lake is known as the Sun Moon Lake. Not only the beautiful legend of Thao The wisdom and speed of chasing sambar during the hunting of Taiwan’s aboriginal people It is a kind of gesture that shows elegance. This piece is simply woven with segments and white leather threads. Combine delicate ancient silver beads Wrapped in red copper wire on the body of the imaginary water antler As if dancing in the wind People and deer are harmoniously dependent on each other in the stage of the mountain forest. |Material|Epoxy resin + color imitation leather line + ancient silver beads |Package size|24.5x12.5x1.5cm | Animal teeth about 9cm| Reminder 1. The photo of the product is a photo. The color difference is normal due to the difference in the ambient light source between the computer display and the camera. 2. This product has a variety of items with color, the color of the item is subject to the physical shipment. 3. The goods are handmade products, can not be made 100% fine and identical, it is inevitable that there are imperfections, please forgive me! If the buyer is extremely demanding, please be careful to place an order to avoid disputes. 4. The workshop receives the 7-11 order notice and will contact you again to confirm if you will pick up the goods on time. To avoid ordering, do not pick up the goods, increase the burden of the workshop. Buyers will not pick up the goods as follows, and the workshop will cancel all qualifications. Please be cautious to place an order, thank you! . Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade warm heart production


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