Crystal jewelry purification and absorption of sun and moon essence energy service

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Activate the energy of your own crystal jewelry, establish a connection with it, and receive the energy guidance from the crystal.


Crystal jewelry purification and absorption of sun and moon essence energy service


SERENE crystal jewellery can provide purification and absorption of sun and moon essence energy for free. Guests can purchase white crystal crushed stones and wash them with purified salt (ratio 1:10). Purification of the second and subsequent cycles. This product is only a sharing post. If you need to purify the crystal purifiers to contact the designer, do not need to take pictures. All substances have atoms and molecules, and all substances can produce so-called "energy". Crystal is a kind of earth's material. It comes from the ground and has the aura of the earth. After activating its energy, it becomes a medium that can accept the natural energy of the universe and pass it to the master through both hands. Among them, the healing of the crystal is also through the test of the master ’s chakra. The crystal is FM, and the high vibration frequency of the crystal is passed in the corresponding chakra to balance the mental body, emotional body and body of the client. Crystal as a medium can provide us with the wisdom and energy to connect the universe, and we ourselves are the masters who truly dominate our souls. After receiving wisdom and energy, our own ideological behavior is still controlled and regulated by ourselves. Therefore, after activating the energy of the crystal, we need to cultivate our own mind, which affects our behavior and results. After receiving the crystal jewelry, guests need to establish a connection with their crystal jewelry. We share the process for free as follows (guests can clean up at home themselves): 1. Purify the crystal jewelry with white crystal for more than 24 hours (white crystal needs to be purified by itself). 2. Hold the crystal on the left palm and the right palm of the crystal to be activated. 3. Close your eyes and feel the crystal in your hand quietly. 4. After really calming down, you can slowly feel the message that the crystal brings to you. Some people will slowly feel the crystals beating slightly in the palm-hot-cold-bibi various feelings. 5. The time to feel may take several minutes or ten minutes, everyone is different. 6. When you feel the information that the crystal brings to you, it means that you and the crystal have already conducted preliminary communication, and then you have to inject the information into the crystal. 7. At this time, imagine that there is a white light coming into the top of the head (top wheel) from the universe or the sky, and then enter the crystal from the top of the head through the right hand. 8. This part is where imagination is most needed, so it takes some time. 9. Follow and feel that there is a light returning from the crystal through the left hand to the body. 10. After performing the above actions in a loop, you can start to inject information-your own emotions and thoughts. Some points to note when injecting your own thoughts and thoughts are: 1. It is best to imagine a picture when injecting information, which will make it easier for Crystal to receive your information. 2. Remember that the information (thinking) must be positive, not for malicious or immoral things, otherwise the dark forces will fight back. 3.Because you like Crystal, believe it, trust it and take care of it. 4. Be patient and try more slowly. SERENE hopes that customers will not only play a role in dressing up our beloved jewelry, but also gain more benefits from crystal jewelry after wearing their beloved jewelry.


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