Mini heavy machine / lighter parts transformation / motorcycle / mini track / birthday gift / small heavy machine-0034

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Mini heavy machine / lighter parts transformation / motorcycle / mini track / birthday gift / small heavy machine-0034


Design Ideas Designer Morice Wang through the trigger of inspiration and creativity, To lighter parts, resin clay and circuit board small parts and other waste recycling materials, For structural reinforcement and refinement. 【product features】 Each factory of the mini-heavy machine modeling different, But the basic equipment are [rear lights], [exhaust pipe], [fuel tank / oil cover] On both sides of the body with a random attached to increase the shape and future sense, As well as a small blank of the mini-license plate, The purchaser can write their own real license plate number with oily pencil, Increase the user and small things to connect, The wheels of the mini-machine can also be turned. 【Material description】 The main material to be used to complete a mini-heavy machine is: ● Remove parts from 3-5 identical or different types of lighters ● Remove a number of parts from the abandoned circuit board by design inspiration ● Special resin clay Commodity Unique Due to the recovery of lighter case and parts are different, Each mini heavy machine is a unique creative, Can not be engraved or reproduced. 【Buy before the small exhortation】 With the heavy parts of the heavy machine on the lining of the design specifications for the creation of ideas, non-defective products, The purchase order is deemed to agree with the design concept described, And the actual photo as a purchase reference (the last photo of the small heavy machine for the kit show, not the page merchandise), In order to respect the creator, please do not accept the design concept is not satisfied with the request for refund, But can still accept the return of other types of works (when the return should be borne by the customer one-way freight) We apologize for any inconvenience! 【Customization】 You can also contact the designer to customize the creation, Communicate with designer whether you can specify color, shape, or other custom requirements. Another customer if the birthday gift needs, not to worry about gifts time, Please refer to the purchase of design materials based on the main spot, If you need to wait for the system, you need to contact us in 7 working days. Another works for the pure hand-made, If you can not accept a little hand traces or small differences, please do not buy orders, So as to avoid disputes, thanks! 【Product package complete packaging】: ● small round tube x1 (bow color is a random bonus, if the specified color please contact) ● Mini crane x1 (The last photo in the mini-heavy machine for the kit show, the actual car to the goods page prevail) ● Combined detachable acrylic mini runway board x1 / Size / Mini-machine: horizontal width of about 3cm Small round iron: 4.5cm in diameter 6.5cm high Acrylic sheet: Length 5.4cm x Width 3.5cm x Thickness 2mm / Material / lighter internal and external parts, circuit board demolition parts, special resin clay / Use and maintenance mode / ◎ front metal shell for the detachable design, in case of dirty or rust can be used to replace the home lighter case. ◎ use the normal way to use the toy car, but do not vigorously ripped. ◎ part of the car attached accessories for the removable parts, please note that take. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / handmade


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