18k gold celestial pearl seawater pearl ring

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Choose Japanese seawater pearls of good quality. The surface of the pearl is as bright as a light bulb, and the upper body effect is very gentle ~



18k gold celestial pearl seawater pearl ring


【Brand idea / Some indifferent chatter】 Entered the jewelry industry in 15 years and owned his own brand in 18 years. Everything comes from every good sharing in the circle of friends and everyone's recognition. I believe that everyone who has had good jewelry will be unable to extricate themselves into this money quagmire I am no exception However, the price of luxury goods is prohibitive, and low-cost unique jewelry can only be played I think I can always find a place that just fits And in this position, you can not be exaggerated and you can also have your own careful thinking And in this position, you can not be imprisoned by your wallet and you can also own quality jewelry What we can give you is such a proper jewelry Do n’t boast about how good it is, and never make cheap products, just choose the right ones. Sincerely not fooling you, Be an ordinary person, understand the beauty of just the right, choose the right jewelry. 【About selection】 The shop specializes in 18K gold inlaid pearl jewelry Occasionally there will be jewelry of diamonds, emeralds, opal (Opal) and other gems Support re-examination, and can also provide officially certified jewelry certificate, but at your own expense There are independent design models in the store, as well as cooperative design models from suppliers Although the style on the shelves is not one-of-a-kind, it is enough to make you very different from 90% of the little sisters. 【Pearl selection】 [Appearance] Generally, they are all round and high-quality, with slight flaws, which does not affect the wearing effect (specifically explained under each style); [Size] The size of the pearls used in each style design is selected and compared. The small size will be cheaper but affects the rendering effect. The large size looks powerful but may not be suitable, so we will not provide stubborn for the time being. The choice of size; [Color] This is more of a subjective aesthetic problem. You can choose according to your preferences. Personally, you do n’t need to pursue its value excessively. The white beads in our house are not yellowish, there is a cyan cold tone and a pinkish warm tone, and the black beads have a high brightness and uniform color and are layered. 【About the preservation of pearls】 As an organic gem, pearls, together with the development and mass production of pearl culture technology, its value-preserving function is limited. At least this is the case for the pearls in circulation on the market. If you want to preserve the value by buying a piece of pearl jewelry, then I think the inlaid material used for jewelry can be sold for some money. There are more marketing methods for pearl value preservation. I think the value of jewelry is mutual. In addition to its own price, it is more the value given by the owner itself. It is still the concept of being an ordinary person and understanding the beauty of beauty. Choose the right jewelry.


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