Invisible Tainan synthetic canvas tote bag invisible Tainan scenery

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● Filled with the calm and relaxed atmosphere of nature, the natural girl girl does not miss ● Tainan 60-year-old shop synthetic canvas cotton weight 12 ounces


Invisible Tainan synthetic canvas tote bag invisible Tainan scenery

商品説明 Original Tainan Inspired by the life of Tainan, try to make the daily necessities in life better. In addition to its own design, it also supports the artist to continue to create and cooperate with the miniature art gallery to make Taiwan a small and powerful one. The land is more visible. Invisible Tainan scenery Invisible Tainan Department of Architecture left Taichung after graduation Entering the work of an architect firm in Tainan Relative to hometown Tainan retains buildings of all ages The urban landscape is also rich in years and textures. So I realized the city landscape in the texture stack. Understand that city appearance is also indispensable in urban memory Taiwan's streetscape is beautiful however The current person's delicateness is covered by the quick-food project Vision is eroded by the signature of the claws Stamped culture and secondary engineering flooding City memory is erased People are ugly paralyzed - 谢欣晔 / Sin-Ye Sie Taichung people Because of the margins, he will settle in Tainan and fall in love with the city; Will paint the interior design map will supervise the workers, will open the B&B coffee shop, will photograph; 2016 impulsive, Get up and take the United States to participate in the Pacific Ridge Trail PCT wandering for a month, I accidentally walked 700 kilometers; I like to stay in the 321 lane drawing in the middle of the night. The studio has 4 cats and 2 dogs and is good at taking care of stray animals. Rescue more than 10 wave cats and assist in ligation; Love to record life with images, Have many photographic followers in Instagram photo albums; Because of the overheating, I love the urban cultural heritage of Tainan. At 3:00, the public sector will discuss the urban cultural settlement with the public sector. Therefore, it has won the reputation of “Tainan Cultural Terrorists” or “Tainan Cultural Cannons”; The special skills are too numerous to enumerate, the standard Taiwan slash youth. Mantra: "Everything is heavy with big orange" Remarks: One of the big cats placed by the author Abnormal muscle development Used to be the 321 Lane Elvis Size 390x355mm H140xW355mm inner bag Material 12 ounce heavyweight cotton canvas Canvas bag precautions  Synthetic canvas is handmade by the master. This product takes 5 working days. If there is out of stock and the production period is long, please forgive me.  Cleaning method  It is recommended to clean the soil locally, and use tape to remove the dander and dirt.  Do not put the canvas bag into the water to avoid deformation of the bag. ● The color will be slightly different due to the screen setting. Please refer to the actual product. ● The canvas bag is pure cotton white canvas. It is a natural phenomenon due to long-term use, friction and personal habits. ● If you have any questions, please take photos and contact us within 7 days. ● If the product is defective, it must be returned to its original state before the replacement, that is, it must be returned to the original state (including the main body, accessories, internal and external packaging, random documents, gifts, event gifts, etc.) when you receive the goods. Made in Taiwan/ /Proudly Made In Taiwan Artist Design / /Designed by artist


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