Thang Long syouryu-Tin Paper (Ice-L)

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⁃ 精 精 sy sy sy sy sy



Thang Long syouryu-Tin Paper (Ice-L)


**⁃ 精 精 sy sy sy sy sy** Thang Long "syouryu" It is a new brand made by Shimazu Tatsume studio that specializes in manufacturing bells for temples since the establishment of Meiji 42 (1909 AD). Among the bronze bell masters in Japan with less than 10 people, there are 3 employees who work in this workshop, and use the "hammer tapping technique" to adjust the bell's beautiful arc and calm sound quality. In the future, we will continue to build on our inherited spirit of professionalism and create more unique metal products. "Tin foil" is different from ordinary tin plate. Its durability is after many rolling procedures. It is then beaten by a skilled person rhythmically with a hammer so that it can be folded or bent like origami. The texture of 100% pure tin is very soft and can be easily bent by hand; it can be visually added to the visual appearance of the meal according to personal preferences. The “enjoy the pleasure of modeling” derived from the technique of hammering with such a hammer is the greatest charm of “syouryu foil”. To restore the flattened foil, use a rolling pin to level it and use it again. Tin foil will change slightly with the use of the situation, this is the characteristics of the material itself. Please enjoy the taste of time written on tin foil. **Hail - (あられ霰)** **It is a beautiful appearance of a grain of ice falling on the floor.** **● Product specifications** • Size: W240xH240 (mm) • Material: Tin • Design / Origin: Japan **● About Tin** ・ The tin product of “syouryu” is completely free of impurities and is 100% tin, so it has a high degree of flexibility. (Generally add other metals for processing to produce hardness) ・ Tin is the precious metal next to gold and silver ・ Tin is a metal that is harmless to the human body. Please use it with confidence. • Tin is a material that has a strong antibacterial effect and is resistant to bacterial growth. • Tin is a metal that is strong in oxidation resistance and hard to discolor. Therefore, it does not cause rust. ・The thermal conductivity of tin is very high. ・Since tin is a metal that is not easily rusted, it is also considered a lucky item and is often used as a gift for praying for prosperity. **●Precautions** After use, use a soft cloth or foam, etc., and clean with a neutral lotion. ・Material color will be slightly darkened or yellow with the use of natural aging, but it will have no effect on the human body. ・ Use a commercially available metal polish or toothpaste, baking soda to wipe the surface gloss. ・The melting point of tin is low. Do not place it near a fire source. ・ To avoid discoloration or deformation, do not use in a microwave oven, dishwasher, or drying machine, or put in a freezer. ・This product can be cut using commercially available scissors. However, after cutting, the edges are sharp. It is strongly recommended to cut the cut surface with sandpaper to prevent injury. ・The material is soft and flexible, but excessive bending may cause cracks or breaks on the surface. Origin / manufacturing methods Japan / Hand-made **[From now on, as long as you purchase Thang Long series of products, you will be able to purchase simple packaging services]** Please go to the following link to purchase


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