Sunrise Summer Series Brass Ring Ring Customized

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Brass Joker Fine Ring "Sunrise": At sunrise, we meet; pure brass material, all handmade custom ring


Sunrise Summer Series Brass Ring Ring Customized


◆Brass series [sunrise]. Pure brass fine ring (can be ordered) Brass Joker Fine Ring "Sunrise": At sunrise, we meet; pure brass material, all hand-cut sawing the sunlight between the fingers +------------------------------------+ ◆ Product characteristics: ◇ characteristics: ring can be customized ◇You can order the ring, the recommended measurement method is: (1) ; (2) using a long enough strip or string around and close to the desired wear finger__(if wider finger joint, the joint is recommended to measure circumference of the ring)__after determining the size, will spread out in a straight line strip, or string, and the length measured with a ruler, specified in the order (e.g., 48.8 mm); (3) a take over your wear ring, measured with a ruler inner periphery of the ring, the length and diameter tells us (eg: 1.6 cm) in order; (4) if you know his or**well Zhijie around**, or directly in the specified order (e.g. :number 8). ◇ Material: brass ◇ Origin: Taiwan / handmade ◇ Size: Width 1 mm +------------------------------------+ ◆ Note: ◇This product is made for orders, and the average shipping date is 7-10 days after payment (excluding holidays). If you have any custom requirements or have any problems with the products, please feel free to contact the designer before the order or during the order, and talk to us:) ◇Every item is handmade and unique, so there may be subtle differences between the actual product and the merchandise photo. In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the current package only provides zipper bags, small packaging cards and maintenance notice cards; +------------------------------------+ ◆ Jewelry maintenance instructions: ◇ sterling silver jewelry can be worn frequently, which will make the jewelry have a warm luster. Brass jewelry is easy to oxidize, and if worn regularly, it can produce vintage color. ◇ Any jewelry, especially brass, if you want to maintain a brighter luster, should be stored in a sealed zipper bag when not wearing. ◇ Pearl with a full-purple silver ring can touch the water, but it is recommended to use a paper towel to dry after touching the water, and then put it in a sealed zipper bag to facilitate jewelry preservation. ◇If there is vulcanization or oxidative yellowing and blackening, use a very soft bristled toothbrush, water and toothpaste to lightly brush the jewelry; or use a silver cloth or a copper cloth to wipe. ◇ All accessories should be kept away from chemical products such as hot springs, rainwater, and perfumes. The tussah silk wax material is water-repellent and not easy to fade, but it is not recommended to wear it or wash it directly during bathing. It must be ensured to be stored in a sealed zipper bag after drying. +------------------------------------+ ◆ Maintenance: Because the material of the product is mostly pure silver, although the ductility is good, if the daily careful protection can reduce the probability of deformation, but the silver chain part is still subject to the risk of breakage if it is pulled hard; the silver chain part is the machine chain, and the fracture is difficult to repair. Therefore, no maintenance service is provided; however, if the main body of the jewelry is to be repaired, please contact the designer to provide a photo of the current condition of the product, and you may be required to pay the material fee according to the situation. +------------------------------------+ ◆ Welcome to follow our FB or Instagram, be the first to see new works, learn more about making a tidbit or interact with us :) ◇ Facebook: A Touch of Healing. a touch of healing ◇ Instagram: atohealing.handmade


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