Box type bag. Pink leather / light pink / oblique pack / side backpack / summer essentials / square pocket / clutch bag / card card dragon color

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Box type bag. Pink leather / light pink / oblique pack / side backpack / summer essentials / square pocket / clutch bag / card card dragon color


[**box pocket**]**- Cube Bag -** Summer for everyone to bring the heat, and we have designed a series of Maca dragon bag, Can be in the summer in a little heart through the cool feeling, I believe that our bags will be for everyone in the hot summer painting more colors! Exquisite craftsmanship, the use of the magnet and box-type cowhide shape, Leather materials used in Italy Luo tannin, Just leather production time is also used for four weeks, Design simple and neat, beautiful and practical, with a variety of personal style. Modeling generous cute ~ The internal zipper design, the use of very convenient. --------------------------------- Specifications and dimensions: -20 X 20 cm / - There is a zipper in the bag / - Pink Italian cowhide making / --------------------------------- Leather maintenance tips: # Bags are made of leather, the most afraid of the water! So do not use water to wash, do not care wet, and to quickly take the towel to dry the water. # Leather bags are fine skin tender meat, can not casually put. Ordinary storage must pay attention to the surrounding items, careful bag broken phase. # I believe you know that skin exposure will be aging soon! Genuine leather bag is the same! Away from the sun, forever youth. Of course, we also need regular care! In fact, you use the rest of the moisturizing skin care products can be used. However, professional leather care products more on the bag of appetite. # When wiping the leather bag, be sure to use a soft cloth. Rough cloth not only can not clean the bag, but also may cause harm to the cortex. # Long-term unused bag, the best filled with filler in a dry place to store. In this way, and then out of the time, the bag will not have a lot of folds. --------------------------------- brand introduction ONE - Focus on the texture of the leather goods brand Simple design, the use of traditional sewing techniques to integrate a unique leather goods is our philosophy. We think the process is more pronounced than the results. Like "one" refers to the beginning, not the end. The use of leather carefully selected, craftsmen combined with traditional techniques, sewing, dressing, painted, polished carefully constructed from. Brand was founded in Macau, a blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture of the town, designed to use Portuguese-style buildings of the elegant colors, each leather goods are exudes a unique cultural atmosphere. Origin / manufacturing method Place of Origin / Manufacturing Design & Production by ONE Macau


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