Pick up pot set one pot two cups gift tea people travel cloth bag

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| One pot and two cups | Pick up pot Cup mouth diameter: 4.3 cm, maximum width: 12 cm, height: 10 cm, weight: 120 g, full cup capacity: 180 cc | One pot and two cups | Qingzhan drink cup Cup mouth diameter: 6.8 cm, height: 2.8 cm, weight: 35 g, full cup c



Pick up pot set one pot two cups gift tea people travel cloth bag


| Morning Blue | The light blue of the morning light is like the morning light, the sky reveals an elegant blue color palette, and the dreamy silence makes the glaze clear and bright. | Recommend to you who like bright, elegant and elegant atmosphere. |Soft white | The soft and white matte design makes the overall sense simple and clean, and the shape is lighter. In such a clean and fresh color, it has a more stable texture. |Recommended for you who like minimalism but don't lack the pursuit of design, soft and delicate colors. | very important| This product is made of high temperature porcelain and fired above 1300 degrees. The strength of the porcelain surface is high and it is not easy to produce scratches; And the water absorption rate is less than 0.2%, which is easy to clean and does not adsorb odor. Remember to wash the detergent without washing it, and gently wash it with a jade hand. | Really tell you | It is made from high-temperature porcelain, which makes the tea soup smooth and smooth, and has good aroma. | Refund exchange instructions | If you have questions about the product, please ask the designer before purchasing. Detailed communication before purchase can save the effort, money and time spent on refund/replacement. The refund request must be submitted within 7 days from the next day after receipt of the goods. If the application is out of date or does not meet the scope of the Pinkoi return policy, the designer has the right to refuse the return. Please communicate with the designer before submitting the application. The following product type designers do not accept refunds for personal reasons Customized goods Non-defective goods Used goods Refund process The designer will contact the guest within 3 working days of receiving the application. After the designer agrees to send it back, he will inform the pick-up time, please deliver the returned goods to the receiving logistics unit at the agreed time. After the designer agrees to send it back, please send the complete item within 3 working days and inform the designer with the letter in the station (please attach the logistics unit and the shipping number together to avoid increasing the time of communication back and forth. ) The designer will confirm the status of the item and complete the refund process within 3 working days after receiving the item. Design shop provides exchange service Consumers need to bear the return shipping costs, such as the goods or orders, please ask the designer with the station letter.


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