Baroque skin Peas blanket / births gift birthday ceremony

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Baroque skin Peas blanket / births gift birthday ceremony

商品説明 ❤**gifts, can provide free packaging and writing small card service Oh**❤ ✰**Need free packaging or small card service, please note in the order Oh**✰ ❤**brand introduction**❤: Baby Elephant Ear is the famous American baby tide brand ♥ Founder Alicia Overby is based on love for his children. While designing many goodies loved by parents and celebrities in the United States. Famous ♥ elephant pillow ♥ More is the founder and the United States a number of craniofacial experts physicians design and development. Produced in line with the 0 ~ 2-year-old skull and spinal cord development stage with the use of baby out. It is a must-have item for your baby to go out. Specifically for trolleys, rocking chairs, car seats with the use. ❤**Instructions for use**❤: Can be used with baby strollers, car seats, skin-friendly warmth, Beads on the back of the blanket tablets, the baby has super comfort Oh. There are the following theme styles ♥ ♥: Red beard captain Link: Norwegian bird Link: Black little bit Link: Pink little Link: Blue little bit Link: Blue elephant Link: Pink elephant Link: Dali flowers Link: rose Garden Link: Dazzling diamond Link: Starry sky Link: Camouflage wind Link: Totem wind Link: Animal forest Link: Russian doll Link: Forest fairy tale Link: Car city Link: ❤**Notes**❤: Can be washed into the washing machine cold, low temperature drying, can not bleach. Wash again and again will not change Oh. ❤**Material / Size**❤: Size: 68.5x long and 74cm long Front: 100% cotton Back: 100% rayon Origin / manufacturing methods United States