Healing Relief Pure Natural Scented Candle-Customized Beeswax Rose Flower with 100% Soy Scent Cup Wax

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💡The best healing gift for petting partners and friends and relatives🎁, free to choose your favorite color, custom-made unique 💯% plant beeswax rose flower, with pure natural soybean scented candle, comes with exquisite packaging to give a warm heart gift Smelt at ease and heal every heart of you and me ❤️


Healing Relief Pure Natural Scented Candle-Customized Beeswax Rose Flower with 100% Soy Scent Cup Wax


The best healing gift for petting your partner and friends and relatives, free to choose your favorite color, custom-made unique 💯% plant beeswax roses, with exquisite decorative packaging, giving gifts that look warm and smelling, healing you Every heart of mine ❤️ 💡 Rose flower 100% plant beeswax hand-made, the whole flower can be lighted at ease, with the fragrance of the same natural soybean wax cup (optionally added with essential oil flavor), the moment of fragrance makes you feel like you are in heaven, alleviating the anxiety and irritability of life and Work pressure. "The Heart of the Designer" The entire beeswax rose flower is shaped by the designer with one drop by hand, from beeswax dyeing to fabrication and final assembly, the appearance of each petal is unique, the process is cumbersome and requires 3-5 work Heaven does not accept urgent orders, make sure that the petals are wrapped with designer's full of blessings and beautiful packaging 🥰 The beeswax flower can be assembled on the cup wax in the following two ways: 1. The rose center passes through the cotton core and burns with the cup wax directly 2. Use iron wire to fix the decoration and insert it on the surface of the cup wax. If you need to light the cup wax, directly pull up the flowers and store them in a cool place. The essential oil is only added to the scent of the soy wax cup. Please directly comment or send a message to the designer. Because the soy and beeswax itself have a slight aroma and no comment, no additional addition! (Refer to the essential oil fragrance please pull down ⤵️) 🕯 Description of ingredients: 100% plant-based soy cup wax and beeswax flower, natural plant essence imported from South Korea or 100% pure natural Charlotte essential oil, smokeless cotton stamen (also means no black smoke when burning), decorative cup Dry flower of wax (freely incombustible by designer 📛) ⚠️Precautions⚠️ 📩100% plant-based soy wax cup wax does not add any chemical paraffin or shrinking agent, and its natural shrinkage characteristics are slightly uneven on the wall or surface, which is a natural phenomenon ~ do n’t panic 😘 📩The beeswax flower fixed on the wire, because it is made of all natural beeswax, it may melt due to high temperature and heat, or be damaged by strong impact. If you want to save it, please do not fall or collide in a ventilated and cool place. ! Don't worry about fixing it to the cup wax when you ship it. 📩 When extinguishing the candle, please immerse the wick in the wax liquid and set it up again, less likely to produce black slag or smoke. 📩As far as safety is concerned, try not to extinguish the wax cricket by mouth 🚫 📩 To avoid shortening the life of the candle, please ignite and burn for 1-2 hours each time until the surface is completely melted into wax and then extinguish. 🕯Soybean Cup Wax-Essential Oil Scent Reference: 💫One ~ Wuxiang is a natural plant essential oil imported from South Korea 💫Lu ~ Shilu Lane is Charlotte 100% natural single essential oil Lime Basil and Citrus Fragrance that All Boys Can't Resist (The popular fragrance that Jo Malone loves both men and women) Fresh and refreshing lime, lemon and thyme are full of vitality, and the citrus and jasmine fragrances of the summer are passionate, and a little woody fragrance of pepper basil, longan, caramel, vanilla and sandalwood is gently mixed to create Even if you don't speak, you will be amazed. Scent intensity: weaker / After fragrance time: shorter British pears and freesia incense, loved by light mature women in "Two Lane" (Like Jo Malone girls have a bottle of classic fragrance) At first, it smelled like freshly picked sweet pears, accompanied by blooming white freesia and wild rose flowers, followed by long Yan, patchouli, woody aromas and musk, without a trace of floral fragrance, Softly brings out the fragrance. Scent intensity: Moderate / After fragrance time: Weak Bulgarian Rose and Black Currant Leaf Scent (Like the water in the elegant diptyque classic shadow) A little bitter blackcurrant leaves wafted from the riverside garden, but the low-key fragrance still brings out the outstanding bouquet of roses. The accompanying geranium, white jasmine, and musk show a luxurious yet elegant atmosphere. Scent intensity: Moderate / After fragrance time: Moderate "Wanxiang" is a hazy and soft single floral peony (Like Southern France Occitane Eau De Toilette) The original fresh lemon, raspberry and Italian citrus fruit aromas lead to the unique fragrance of peony, the subtle and sexy fragrance of magnolia and jasmine, and then end with a wooden fragrance, perfectly interpreting the delicate but soft charm of peony. Scent intensity: Moderate / After fragrance time: Moderate "Wood Lane" rich vanilla fragrance-Spanish lavender The elegant and fresh bergamot of Côte d’ Ivoire sets off the luxurious floral fragrance of Spanish lavender, with the slight woody notes of clove leaf, eucalyptus and camphor, which makes people feel the joy of breathing down after the world has slowed down. Scent intensity: strong / after fragrance time: moderate "Lu Nong" pure natural single essential oil-rose spear Jamrosa Origin: India Scientific name: Cyperus scariosus "Qi Nong" pure natural single essential oil-Organic Red Orange Mandarin Red BIO Origin: France Scientific name: Citrus reticulate var. Mandarin "Tang" pure natural single essential oil-European Fir Silver Fir Origin: France Scientific name: Abies Alba "Jiu Nong" Pure Natural Essential Oil-Eucalyptus Rosemary Origin: Turkey Scientific name: osmarinus officinalis CT console "Tickling" Pure Natural Essential Oil-Lavender Spike Origin: France Scientific name: Lavender latifolia "Pick One" Pure Natural Essential Oil-Peppermint Peppermint Origin: India Scientific name: Mentha Piperita "Pick Two" pure natural single essential oil-Indian fennel Ajowan Origin: India Scientific name: Trachyspermum Ammi "Ginseng" pure natural single essential oil-Rosemary of India Rosemary Origin: India Scientific name: Rosamarinus officinalis "Tickling" pure natural unilateral essential oil-Taiwan camphor Taiwan Camphor Origin: Taiwan Scientific name: Cinnamomum camphora "Pickwood" pure natural single essential oil-Agarwood Linaloe berry Origin: India Scientific name: Bursera delpechiana "Shilu Nong" Pure Natural Essential Oil-Himalayan Cedar Origin: India Scientific name: Cedrus deodars


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