Dek pinto Key chain

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Pinto Key ring made from love 100% handmade We made pinto from handwoven cotton.


Dek pinto Key chain


Pinto Doll Key ring made from hand woven cotton. We use fabric from lumphun city of Thailand. All of pinto, It's 100% cotton and handmade 100% that reason Why it's all different. Pinto wear North native (THAILAND) height 12 cm width 6 cm fabric length 9 cm Larinn by double p 's Brand of handmade Clothing and shoes. Our Product made from hand woven cotton. LARINN BY DOUBLE P* The brand “LARINN BY DOUBLE P” is created from the two sister’s name; “ Lapapim” and “Onparin”. Our mother came from Lamphun province, thus, in the past, every time when we went to grandfather’s home at Lamphun province, we always asked our aunt to take us to see clothes made from cotton. However, when we grow up we found that some of cotton cloth shops where we enjoyed to visit has been permanently closed. One weaver who we called her “auntie” said that there are few weaver here. Some new generation migrated to Bangkok or move to work in downtown. Therefore, there are only the elderly women who still work as weavers. So, there has been a steep decline in the number of people involved in the handloom activity. From her opinion on that day, I aim to preserve the cotton weaving which is the oldie’s way of life. For this reason, I have an idea and would like to maintain cotton fabrics from the northern town, the place where I bind up with its pleasantness, weaving, culture and way of life. We have our exits business about making shoes, then, we change our ideas and use the handwoven cottons weaved by our aunties and grandmas in community to make a pretty cotton shoes. Moreover, when we first see the works through many kinds of products, we really receive a will power to create more products. In addition, the customers’ smiles also encourage us. We have started to create the Lanna Thai or native cloths made from hand woven cotton and Lanna Thai folk trousers. The project has continued to present. I feel good when I see my aunts in the communities, mother and customers’ smiles because we are just the small pinions who support the weaving. ** weavers are happy to do their work, we as shoe makers are also happy to design and create shoes from the hand- made materials and send our products to customers who appreciate handwoven cottons made attentively from the makers.


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