Black mulberry vinegar │ big bottle of large capacity, creative hand-drink

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Black mulberry vinegar │ big bottle of large capacity, creative hand-drink


│ creative source │ Since the introduction of black fungus Yangshe from 2007 to the present, "Ke Mama の plant bird's nest" from scratch, and strive to establish itself in the black fungus food industry in a small location, but also launched a number of amazing taste buds are amazing black fungus creative Food, access to all walks of praised on the occasion, but also began to level extension, since October 2008, have launched a total of 20 flavors of black fungus play series, try our best to meet every one of the friends who love to taste fresh! │ unique stunt │ To taste the black fungus, Chinese wolfberry and red dates and other ingredients, the black fungus made by hand cooking boiled dew, of course, but also to taste fresh drink series, as long as the fruit juice or fruit vinegar and other drinks combine with each other out Visual sparks and taste buds feast, deeply rich taste and smooth when drink, "black mulberry vinegar drink" with a 36-year-old signature Treasure 100 vinegar as the base, with black fungus health dew modulation, mild taste slippery Shun. │ taste way │ Black fungus drink series before drinking the first drink, please remember the first shake the bottle a few times, and hard to shake the beverage up and down evenly, so as to make every mouthful of black fungus into the throat to drink, can drink black fungus The delicate sensation and novelty between raw dew and taste raw materials. Each bottle of black fungus can be stored for seven days in frozen state, frozen for one month, and fully thawed and de-iced, it is recommended to drink within seven days. │ Product Specification │ Product Name: Black Mulberry vinegar drink (vegan) Bottle capacity: 1500 ml (ML) / bottle The main ingredients: black fungus, red dates, Chinese wolfberry, water, 100 jasmine raspberry vinegar Production date: handmade day before the arrival of modulation Storage period: refrigerated for seven days, frozen next month Delivery Area: Taiwan's low-temperature home delivery (mainly by the delivery of the distribution industry with the island, Islands discretionary island shipping charges) │ Product Delivery │ 1. "Ke Mama の plant bird's nest," most of the products need low-temperature preservation, and adopt low-temperature home delivery with the distribution method. 2. Store black fungus food pictures, due to different screen resolution color, please carefully evaluate the purchase. 3. In order to ensure the freshness of the products, we will send out the bill after checkout. If you want to specify the date, please inform us in the remark field. 4. Delivery will be given priority on a given date, but the actual service delivery time will be based on the delivery status of the driver on the day of delivery. 5. There is no fresh food appreciation period, do not accept appreciation before returning, unless the product itself does not match the order items. 6. Single order full $ 1,800, enjoy a single shipping address free shipping, less than the island of Taiwan are charged $ 150 shipping. 7. In Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, mainly low-temperature delivery services can be delivered to the main distribution area, the order amount of less than $ 1,800, an additional need to make up for $ 260 shipping balance; order amount over $ 1,800, otherwise the discretion to charge $ 200 freight. 8. Old Taichung free delivery service, does not apply to orders from "Pinkoi", if the demand for the purchase, please call ask, such as directly under Pinkoi orders, regardless of counties, under $ 1800, will Charge shipping. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan. Taichung


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