[earrings] mermaid tears / pink tears

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[Dipping earrings---Taiwan, handmade products] [Auricular Needle - 925 Sterling Silver, Natural Stone, Shellfish, 18-24KGF Advanced Material]


[earrings] mermaid tears / pink tears


Shell pearls are beautiful memories of the mermaid's thoughts on the ocean... This earring is available in three different styles for all types of wear. Pearl shape ear plugs, swaying small grape bunches of natural stone, So exquisite, worth collecting. **[Xialing and Suni. Limited custom jewelry]** Bring delicate and exquisite materials and accessories into a variety of wonderful and beautiful themes, so that from any angle, it gives people a unique and beautiful impression. Origin: Taiwan, handmade products Material: ear pin - 925 sterling silver, natural stone, natural shellfish, 18-24KGF advanced precision plating hardware Specifications: total length of about 5.5 cm, width of 1 cm, thickness of 2.5 cm ★ Natural shell pearls and other objects, the color and color are naturally formed, can not be exactly the same as the photo. ★The actual size of the measurement varies from 0.5 to 1 cm (cm) depending on the product. **★Special part of the cost:** [Gift packaging] add 20 yuan. **★ Favorite buyers please note:** This product is hand-made and limited-edition products, sold non-refundable **; look forward to your cherished collection, and pay attention to maintenance and wearing methods, to avoid damage to the boutique, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. **Maintenance method reference is as follows /** . This accessory is a pure hand product. Do not pull or twist it to avoid damage to some objects (especially soft silver products). . If you wear a brooch or necklace, please avoid the items wrapped around your chest, so as not to cause the detachment of the fine joints. . Some of the items are made of metal, sterling silver or gold-plated gold. Please note the following basic maintenance methods: 1. Try to avoid improper collision when wearing, and reduce surface scratches. 2. In addition to gold, other metals slowly fade and oxidize as normal as time and user wear habits. 3. For silver-plated parts, use a soft cloth to avoid contact with chemical substances and prolong the fading time of the surface color. 4. Take a bath, exercise, writer, and sleep, please remove the jewelry. 5. After wearing, wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth (if it is sweaty, it is best to wipe it with a soft cloth, wipe it dry, dry it), then put it in a moisture-proof box with a desiccant, a sealed box or a zipper bag. Collection can be.


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