Littdlework embroidered earrings ear clip ear hook | coffee beans

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Made in Taiwan | Embroidered earrings ear clip ear hook | Coffee beans 🔻14K fishing stud earrings / 925 silver material to choose from


Littdlework embroidered earrings ear clip ear hook | coffee beans


/About Litdlework ▲Littdlework is a Taiwanese brand established by Hong Kong girls. With embroidery as the center, we design unique ornaments. Littdlework is a combination of two elements, Little and Needlework. ▲Needlework represents embroidery and needlework; Embroidery is like life, Use a needle and a line Use time and patience In order to pierce a beautiful pattern on a blank cloth. ▲Littdle represents a small, small thing; I have seen this world and found myself so small. From Litdlework, I hope that with this little brand, little things, Achieve my great ideals. /About Designer - Meteor ▲Since 2013, I like to travel around alone. On the road, I will use the illustration to record everything I saw. After graduation, I went to Taiwan roundabout alone. Later, because I fell in love with the cultural atmosphere here, Later, he opened a small cultural shop in Taipei. Also set up your own illustration and embroidery jewelry brand. / style ▲ coffee beans ▲ 3 styles are available: 1) 14k circle fishing type ear needle (temperament light mature female models) 2) Screw ear clips (required for pierced girls) 3) 925sliver does not fade anti-sensitive ear hooks (easy to sensitive girls must) If you have other requirements, please contact the designer first. /size ▲ Embroidery: about 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter /package ▲ ear clips are packed in candy bags ▲ earrings and ear hooks are attached to the carton, suitable for gift-giving /Maintenance method 1. Do not put all kinds of jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box. Because the hardness of the jewelry is different, it will rub against each other and cause wear and tear. 2. Engage in sports, family affairs, etc. Please remove the jewelry to avoid damage from external impact. 3. Please take off when taking a bath, try not to touch sweat, rain, sea water, perfume and cosmetics, and do not put it in a damp place (._.) 4. When not in use, please put it back in the home of the earrings (tray) to avoid contact with the air. 5. Metal and sterling silver materials have the opportunity to change color for a long time. If there is slight discoloration, you can use the toothbrush to pick up the appropriate amount, brush the metal surface, wait for one minute after cleaning, the surface will return to light. 6. If you are discolored, you can use silver wash water and silver cloth to wipe, but don't wait until it is completely black. (Plus NT20 can buy a piece of silver cloth ~) /About shipping and packaging ▲Under NT$800 uniform shipping and packaging fee NT$60, convenience store NT$68 ▲Taiwan area full NT800 free shipping ▲Hong Kong and Macao area will be sent by post office or SF, SF will provide industrial and commercial address or SF station to pick up, about 2 days to arrive) Other countries please first estimate the shipping price by private message. / Origin and manufacturing methods 100% Taiwan production machine and hand made ---------------------------------------- / Another illustrator of the designer, please also support ▲ /More creative processes and works please track ig=D ▲ instagram : littdlework


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