The first experience of oil painting in Daan District, Taipei

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Friends who are interested in oil painting, or friends who want to improve their art~ Paris-style sharing of artistic aesthetics and observational teaching experience allows you to find freedom to find yourself.
台湾 / 台北市
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The first experience of oil painting in Daan District, Taipei


Organized by a field that supports cutting-edge and female artists, in the air green garden, the French artist Gao Sukuan teaches Parisian oil painting creation, feelings and emotions do not pursue meticulous skills, pursue the essence of life and experience the artist's natural life. Sharing art by professional artist Mina, taking you into the art world😀 Oil painting experience feels artist life The theme guides the oil painting content composition analysis and coloring The only air-green garden in Taipei feels the natural art life, full of healing and freedom. The cost includes painting materials, paints, overalls, teachers and fees. Downstairs Exit 2 of MRT Guting Station is a convenient location for the West Bank steak and meat hot pot. Time is between 2:30 and 5:30 pm [Studio teacher guide content] 1. The guiding ideas of the contemporary art theme and the latest art sharing include the exhibition experience in various art fields - Explain how the oil painting starts and the order of the oil paintings is different for each unit. For example: the way of drawing flowers and the different types of abstract realism, semi-abstract style, large flowers. The appearance of small flowers, the different methods, the background and the subject are different, and the precautions are better to start with and explain the decomposition of oil painting. 2. With color - Find the fun and color tips of color matching 3. Start creating - Oil painting art micro world and fun Enjoy it like it and discover it! [I can learn & can take away] 1 basic oil painting techniques 2 How to master the subject matter will not be frustrated? 3How to master the relationship between color and color objects before and after 3 Inspiration and feelings of life, find yourself and discover yourself 4 process receiving frustration accepting imperfect acceptance and seeing yourself again 5 study, think, practice, think |How to use the color scheme of performance oil painting How to make a good interpretation between different subject matter qualities? How do you match the color to show what you want to express? |Complete 35.0 × 27.0 cm No.5 oil painting size About the artist Gao Sukuan KAO SUKUAN full-time artist Taipei, Taiwan exhibition 2019 Nangang Exhibition Software Park Image Painting Exhibition 2019 iMotion Enterprise Songshan Dawenxi Space 2019 Japan Osaka Museum of Art Exhibition One of the winners of the 20th 6th Ministry of Culture Public Art Festival (Taiwan Education and Culture Public Art) 2018 The 39th Taipei Audio & Art Exhibition Hotel Expo 2018 Tokyo Art Museum Exhibition, Japan 2018 Independent Tokyo Tokyo Independent Art Fair 2017 Songyan Independent Taipei Taipei Independent Art Fair 2016 one ticket holder Yongkang Street Gallery [years are quiet] oil painting solo exhibition 2016 Japan Nagoya Aichi Museum of Art Exhibition 2015 "Meet a Tree" Gao Sukuan Oil Painting Solo Exhibition Art Collection Exhibition 2015 "Dream, Bloom, New Art Oil Painting Exhibition" Songshan Wenchuang Park 2015 "The 3rd "Meeting the Egret" public art festival" Neihu Wende No. 2 Park (The Taipei Open Space Culture and Education Foundation) [Meet. Bailuyu Public Art Festival] Exhibition at Dahu Park MRT Station and Songshan Wenchuang Park 2015 Japan Nagoya Aichi Museum of Art Exhibition 2015. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Exhibition 2015 [Meet a Tree] Collection of Art Space 2014 Deductive Gallery Global 12 Artists Exhibition 2014 Wenshui Arts and Cultural Center May Solo Exhibition 2013 Gulliver Gallery Exhibition 2013 State Qiwen created April Gao Sukuan oil painting solo exhibition 2010 Collection of Art Space Solo Exhibition activity iMotion Enterprise Resident Artist. Youth Development Association Art Lecturer. Cultural Promotion Department Art Lecturer. Beijing Station Department Art Instructor Activity. Over the years YAHOO Oil Painting Art Activity. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. National Taxation Bureau. Jinghua City Painting Activity Qingtian Qiliu Wanhai Shipping Charity Foundation........松烟, etc. Media coverage of Apple Daily. Crown Magazine. Hakka TV Related works, the human welfare report column, "Hand-made love"