Treasure artifact bracelet rock limited edition Brook Pokemon Go Auto catch

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■ Accessories bag: red / blue / yellow three-color strap each 1 ■ Screen Protector x 1 Group ■ Whether you are walking, cycling, or driving, you can quickly catch strange ■ Make it easy for you to advance quickly ■ Can be set to automatically receive the s



Treasure artifact bracelet rock limited edition Brook Pokemon Go Auto catch

商品説明 [package content] ● Brook automatic grab bracelet bracelet x 4 (Additional red/blue/yellow straps) ● Brook automatic grabber x 1 ● Charging cable x 2 ● Screen protector x 1 group ● Chinese / English manual x 1 ● Warranty card x 1 [Specification requirements] Ios specification: iphone6 and above Android specifications: System version: Android 4.0~ (currently supported to the latest version) RAM demand: 4GB (RAM 2GB & 3GB models can be used but it will be difficult to connect) Bluetooth version: ●Basic explanation 1. Most of the new products have no power, you must first charge, charging time is about 1-2 hours, select the small circle of the screen when charging, it will display the charging screen for about 2 seconds (normal), when fully charged, the small circle will display Brook or GO-TCHA boot screen. 2. Please match the settings first, then set the options. The automatic connection function cannot be opened before the pairing is completed. 3. If you have paired other mobile phones, no power, or the bracelet is not connected, please go to the Bluetooth device to remove Pokemon go plus (do not pair Pokemon go plus in the Bluetooth device), then go to the game and exit Pokemon. Go plus, re-select the small circle of the screen, after the new Pokemon go plus, reconnect. 4. The bracelet is powered by the lithium battery. If the continuous connection is disconnected, the battery is too low. Please charge immediately to avoid over-discharge and make the battery go to sleep and cannot be used normally. 5. When the main body charging does not respond, change the line test or connect the main body to charge. The two contacts are wiped with an eraser before use. It may be that the contacts are oxidized and can be charged after wiping. 6. If you don't want to blame or transfer, please go to Settings/Pokemon go plus/Notify nearby Baoke Dream or nearby Baoke Dream Supply Station to cancel the check, it will not be notified all the time, although the bracelet can cancel the above settings, But the game settings will be notified, so it will become stuck all the time. 7. Only red ball can be lost. This is a Pokémon game design problem. If you don't have a red ball bracelet, you can't lose the ball. The bracelet is not plugged in. You can't change the game settings. 8. When you suddenly get stuck and can't catch the treasure and transfer station, cancel the link and reconnect once, just the game is stuck. 9. Occasionally you can't catch the blame or turn to the station. This is normal, because this bracelet is not plug-in. If you can catch/go 100%, it is more powerful than manual, if the game screen is not displayed. Bao Ke dream or supply station, that is the game has not been detected, the bracelet will definitely not respond at this time, not the bracelet is broken. 10. The bracelet is only optimized by the original bracelet. It is not plug-in or can change the game settings. The reason why it responds quickly is to simplify the reaction time. The game is notified that the bracelet is strange → the bracelet vibration → people Receiving the shock and then pressing the button down, and we are jumping out of the above time, the most important thing is that it allows us to play the game easily / safely.