Fried shrimp, Wulang, children's summer short sleeve

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Children's summer short sleeves (2 sizes XS: 110CM, S: 120CM) Soft cotton material is comfortable to wear.



Fried shrimp, Wulang, children's summer short sleeve


**Special reminder, this version is a medium-sized summer short sleeve. Please use the size chart provided above to make a choice for your home T-SHIRT (length, chest width, shoulder width)** **After the sale, you can't change the size and return it because of the size difference. Please be sure to consider it clearly. You can accept this condition and place an order. Thank you.** Fried Shrimp Goro - White Kids Summer Short Sleeve Children's wear short sleeves in summer, soft cotton material is comfortable to wear. Mainly for children, (2 sizes XS: 110CM, S: 120CM) The model of the first product photo is not our own, but also a child! These two ghostly little models, 5-year-old Xiaobao, 3-year-old Xiaoyu, On the day of shooting, the temperature was a bit high, but fortunately, there was no hot and hot to go home. I also ran around in a hurry, and finally holding hands is too much like a publicity photo (laugh) Thanks to the staff, a total of 6 adults have been swindled alongside the scam. 5 years old Xiaobao is taller than children of the same age, so wearing 120cm / S, the size is slightly smaller - Size Description - 2 segment size XS : 110 CM S : 120 CM - Size reference - Age height 1-2 years old 75 to 85cm 2-3 years old 80~90cm 3-4 years old 85~95cm 4-5 years old 90~100cm 5-6 years old 95~110cm 6-7 years old 100~120cm - Try on size - 1. Xiao Bao / 5 years old / boy 120 cm / 28 kg (S number, small) 2. Xiaoyu / 3 years old / girl 98 cm / 15 kg (XS number, too large) 100% cotton ※The size of the clothes is 1-2 cm ※You can't change the size after the white clothes are sold~ Please be sure to consider clearly, thank you - Xiao Yan - 1. The back side is lightly hand-washed or the reverse side is packed into a fine mesh laundry bag for cleaning and washed separately from the dark clothes. 2. Please wash with neutral mild detergent, not bleach 3. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Do not soak and shorten the washing process as much as possible. 4. Do not dry the cotton fabric at high temperature. 5. When ironing, cover the pattern with cotton cloth, the maximum temperature does not exceed 120 degrees Celsius. **Please note the Hong Kong order** Shipping method: SF Address: It is recommended to fill in the industrial and commercial address, SF station, service point, because the address of the home may be charged an additional fee to the recipient, please consider at your own discretion (details can be found on the official website of SF) - Stupid role introduction - Jie is too rich in a fat goldfish - Duzi, they do not matter what they do. Goro is a prodigal cat who lives in the next door and occasionally goes home; he finds a goldfish-duod next door. In order to attract her attention, Goro also learns to leave the same hairstyle. はぷくぷくと太はぷくぷくと肥った1 の goldfish, 嘟子を feeding っています. The singer is a singer, and he is a singer. When Wu Lang was in the house, he stayed in the house and lived in the wild cat. On the next day, Goro, the singer and the singer, sneaked into a glance. そして 嘟 嘟 嘟 嘟 嘟 嘟 に に に に 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 盖 盖 There is a cat whose name WU, LANG and seldom comes home living next to JIE, TAI and DU, ZI. He seems nothing care, but he loves DU, ZI very much. Origin / manufacturing methods


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