Ginkgo ~ handmade ginkgo leaf sterling silver earrings, ear pin design, hand-made poem sterling silver earrings

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Ginkgo ~ handmade ginkgo leaf sterling silver earrings, ear pin design, hand-made poem sterling silver earrings


Ginkgo ~ handmade ginkgo leaf sterling silver earrings, ear pin design, hand-made poem sterling silver earrings


Ginkgo ~ 925 sterling silver handmade earrings, delicate design is like a designer's delicate thoughts, There are textured hand-knock marks on the ginkgo leaf shape, which makes the silver decoration more charming. The roots of the leaves are adorned with silver beads, which make the shape of the earrings more detailed. The leaves sway gently with the body swinging People can't help but take a look! Christmas, love yourself, happiness! (Currently only pierced style) Material: sterling silver Size: about 15mmX24mm (one size, a pair of goods) "Handmade poetry HANDICRAFT POEMS" sterling silver jewelry is original design and production. At present, there are physical stores in Tainan, and there are teachers to arrange metalworking teaching, welcome to visit! "Ginkgo" comes with a beautiful hand-wrapped box and a silver cloth (Special light cloth for sterling silver), easy to use for gifts Guaranteed sterling silver handmade! This is a hand-made product, the picture is the finished reference style. Each shipment is re-created (the quantity on the page is the quantity stocked). If you have any questions, please confirm before ordering, thank you! It takes 3 working days to be shipped after the order is confirmed (excluding 6 days) If you have any questions, we are happy to serve you! [Intimate little 叮咛] * Avoid contact with sea water and hot springs when wearing, which may cause deterioration of the product. * Silver ornaments will slowly grow in the air. Please keep them in a zipper bag when not wearing them. * This silverware is recommended to be wiped with a silver cloth, but do not use silver water to avoid the jewelry becoming full of bright surface. Lose the original layering of black. After wearing it, wash it regularly with water, and keep the jewelry bright. * The best way to maintain silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because the oil produced by the skin can make silver jewelry Naturally moist and lustrous. * For those who are susceptible to jewelry, please feel free to purchase. [sales notice] *The color of the product image file will be slightly different depending on the setting of the computer screen. Please refer to the actual product color. *Handmade items, each piece will have a slight difference, impossible 100% identical! *This is a personal personal product, based on hygiene considerations, in addition to new products (Photos on the Internet are complete products), and goods will not be returned after 7 days. It is also impossible to accept the cause of discoloration or embarrassment caused by human beings. (Please refer to the shopping instructions again) * This website has the right to accept orders. (in case of credit card theft, brush) *The products of this website have been applied for new style patents. Seeking the shape and product style totem, etc., it is strictly prohibited to counterfeit and counterfeit, if it is found, according to law Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Tainan / original gold work


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