Handmade ~ Plum Blossom Hairpin (Single / Silver Bottom / Aqua Blue)

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Glazed petals, natural freshwater pearl flowers, this decorative style is more than practical.


Handmade ~ Plum Blossom Hairpin (Single / Silver Bottom / Aqua Blue)


Can be launched into the depth of about 7.5CM, although this small hairpin is not large, but the two or even a good dish of hair technology can be all the hair up, poor technology can also be good baotou or large hair辫 辫 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 辫 辫 辫 辫 辫 辫 辫 辫 辫 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑 绑! The flowers are made of colored glass petals with a maximum diameter of about 3cm. The flower heart is cat's eye stone. The small flower buds next to it are made of natural freshwater pearls screwed with stainless steel wire. The posture of the flower buds can be fine-tuned and not easily broken. This section of the plum can be made into other colors, other colors can refer to the same flower pattern in the library and then check out the notes in the remarks field. Those who do not indicate this item will be shipped in the color of this store image. Please be sure to read the purchase details before purchasing for the first time so that both you and I can have a pleasant trading experience. The main materials: colored glass petals, natural freshwater pearls, copper flowers (silver-plated), copper hairpins (silver-plated), cat's eye stones, etc. Purchase Notes: 1. All materials are mainly made of wire rods, glue is an aid, so there will be inevitable traces on the back or crevices; the color of the pictures will be similar to the actual ones, but sometimes it is still inevitable because of the difference in lighting or different displays. The color difference. 2. The semi-precious stones or glass used in the material may have such small flaws. Please understand that the uniqueness of the natural material is its imperfection, and the glass may also have bubble black spots, but it does not affect the overall effect. . 3. Use forceps and forceps when using the forceps. Do not apply force to the place where the pattern is used. Hairbrushes are mostly used for fixing the hair before inserting the hair. 4. The vast majority of flat flower designers have sprayed transparent paint for oxidation (except for cylinders, rounds, chains, too small, etc.), but the metal-containing ornaments still do not carry a bath or hot springs. Please do not touch water or chemicals (perfume, etc.). If you accidentally touch it, wipe it gently with a dry cloth. If it does not reach the crevice, you can dry it with the cold windshield of the hair dryer. Block the air in the sealed bag to slow down the oxidation rate. 5. Hand-made products are not exactly the same as non-factory machine production. If they are unacceptable, please do not place orders. Also, if you have any questions, please contact the designer before ordering. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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