【Qucky】 mountain forest secret (out of print goods) / heart cap

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【Qucky】 mountain forest secret (out of print goods) / heart cap


"Maybe you have been wandering, and you are coming and going, but do not be afraid, listen to your mind, and slowly, you will be out of the crowd." The name of the "heart cap" is the same as the "heart" and the "new look", and for me, the new hat, the name comes from the Qucky guests like to give me inspiration. All along, Qucky has been in the mainstream and non-mainstream to explore their own. Know that the fisherman hat by the mainstream public favorite, but Qucky's boss and designer I have been unable to control the fisherman hat (smile), and therefore has not produced a similar fisherman hat type hat. After several attempts, I do some adjustments in the cloth and version of the type, hoping to escape from the past for the fisherman hat leisure image, with elegant dance, in the pupil on the engraved with a new look. >> suitable for four seasons wear << ‧ head circumference: general head Wai M, suitable for wearing head around 56.5 ~ 58.5cm. ‧Qucky one person studio limited production ‧ single-sided wear ‧ Antiperspirant belt (cap) is fully sewn to increase the appearance and life of the hat. Each of the tops comes with a special storage bag for Qucky, so that everyone can hold a protective hat 【Precautions】 1. Inside thin cotton cloth or thin tannin, breathable not hot. 2. Wear and bring the Logo logo as the back of the scoop. 3. Antiperspirant belt design. 4. Each top is for their own cloth cloth sewing, so every hat will be slightly different, if you do not mind to buy. 5. Lace material is easier to hook, please be careful when handling. 【Maintenance】 1. Recommended hand wash, the use of neutral lotion, not for a long time, and gently scrub to reduce the fabric fade. 2. Do not dry to avoid deformation of the fabric. 3. Basically do not need ironing, but if there is such a demand, it is recommended across a piece of cloth to low-temperature ironing to reduce fabric damage (gauze lace please try not to iron, so as not to melt will hammer heart). Origin / manufacturing method Origin Taiwan / Qucky one person studio production


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