Dry flower bluetooth speaker | Arch series

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The Bluetooth speaker combined with the dream dry flower is no longer limited to a song like the dry flower music box. It has a high degree of freedom, chooses the music that you, your friends, or your partner like with the current situation, shares your f


Dry flower bluetooth speaker | Arch series


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48414247072_77deeb4215.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48414515751_2cd9fa5972.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48413696302_f863dac4f2.jpg (If you want to order special, please see the details below) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48414213341_8f1393a426.jpg 【announcement】 Starting from 2019/08/01, Bluetooth will adjust the price because of the doll and the style of the production: D We will also continue to look for beautiful and special dolls for everyone. ♥ ♥ 【Product desciption】 尺寸 Size: H16.5x12.5cm (dome) ❋ Press: Long press the switch, short press pause, play. 附 Comes with a remote control and USB. 遥控 The remote control can control lighting, music, bass, top and bottom, and switch between Bluetooth or SD card. 充电 Charge for 2 hours and play for 4~6 hours. 【Reminder】 The first six sheets are the finished appearance of the arch color. Please refer to the last three photos for the doll. The menu does not indicate that the doll has been sold. 📢 If you want to see more styles, you can go to the Facebook photo album to find the "Dry Flower Bluetooth Speaker" or refer to the IG. 可接受 Acceptable order, you can provide your own doll (cost -NT100), we do not provide the purchase of copyrighted cartoon character doll. 干燥 Dry flowers and eternal flowers are placed in the glass cover to extend the shelf life and avoid dust. ❋ Flowers are natural species, and there are inevitably wrinkles or small spots that cannot be guaranteed 100% perfect. ❋ The natural shape, color and size of the flower material will be slightly different, so there is no way to be exactly the same as the product photo, but the designer guarantees you the same style and atmosphere design as the photo. ❋ If the flowers, packaging materials, ribbons... are out of stock, we will maintain the overall design as a premise, and will adjust the content of the products. ❋ Each photo is taken in real time. Because each computer and photo resolution are different, it is inevitable that there will be some color difference with the actual product. 运送 All the shipping packages have safety anti-collision packaging materials, but some pieces of flowers may fall on the goods, which is normal. ❋ If you are concerned about the above situation, please do not subscript purchase 喔~:D 📢Hong Kong and Macau friends please note that 顺 🚫 速 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺The speed of luck! [Other platforms, special order] ❋ LINE🔎@4870n ❋ IG 🔎觅 blossoming things followflowers.eilin ❋ FB🔎觅 Blossoming Flowers


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