sigh-Breathe / 2017 / phone case

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Photographer / Shi Junwei Photographer, drummer (soda green), songwriter, music producer


sigh-Breathe / 2017 / phone case


Everyone's impression of Shi Junwei is the soda green drummer "Xiaowei", but in addition to the soda green fans, few people know that he is also another creative core of the soda green song. From the first album, he wrote one after another. "Frequency", "Floating", "Temporary Loss of Control", "Noisy", "Four Seasons", "Simple Life", "Fever", "No Sleep", "Incitement", "Laughter", "Controlling Mania", "When we walked together," "After saying goodbye," "We walked for a light year," "Horizon," "Everyone," life has always been a low-key, simple Weiwei, and even the creation of songs is so silently hidden in soda green. Behind the music, so naturally few people know that he will also take pictures. This time, we will introduce the other side of Shi Junwei's creation to everyone. The pair of drum sticks waving on the stage is an extension of the hand, and the shutter that opens and closes with light and shadow around the world is an extension of the eye. He is not a person who is satisfied with feeling the world from a single angle. Sound and video are the feelings of everyone's life, and they are also his creations. Music creation requires a simple environment, which takes out the inner energy and transforms it into notes and words, even until the live performance is a kind of transmission and giving from the inside out. Photography, you need to leave the familiar environment, walk around, and save the scene you see with your camera. Each frame of the image left is a nutrient, a nourishment and resonance from the outside. In 2014, the magazine "With or Without You" was published. In 2015, a personal photography exhibition "HALO" was held to show the "exactness and harmony" of light and scenery, objects and people through images. In July 2017, I held a personal photography exhibition "HALO- GEOMETRY" in Hong Kong. The word "geometry" is not only a rich change of lines and graphics in Chinese, but also a reflection on life. On December 7, 2017, the personal photo exhibition "InsideOut". Shi Junwei, drummer, songwriter, music producer. It creates rhythms and creates images. Manufactured, rhythmic images. Shi Junwei, photographer. – wearPractice art project 1. ROUND 6 ▴ art project 1 series products are made separately after ordering. Hard shell production time is about 4-7 working days, and full-cover soft shell production time is about 10-14 working days. The above production schedules do not include official holidays. On the day, the full range of products are hand-made, and the slight difference in image angle is ±2mm. ▴ art project 1 series of products by wearPractice through the cross-border cooperation of art, photography, music or designers to expand the visible vision of life. ▴ This mobile phone case adopts foreign 3D printing technology, and the side image of the mobile phone is completely covered. The protective shell itself has partial toughness and is easy to disassemble. The feel and texture are all high specification standards, which can be completely close to the mobile phone. It is recommended not to use the film. It is better. ▴ wearPractice art project 1. The phone case series products are covered with a headphone socket, a loudspeaker, a charging interface, a power button, etc., and the four sides of the phone are covered. (Some models are available with a custom-made full-cover matte soft shell, but the process is different from the plastic hard shell on this page. Please write to us.) 实 The actual photos are taken by standard light source, which will be as close as possible to the entity and the original image. Different light sources, including natural light, general fluorescent lamps, and light sources under yellow light, may cause different perceptions of the color difference of the product image. In addition, the color of the image file may vary depending on the computer screen, mobile phone screen and brightness used by each person. The products are subject to the actual product, and do not accept the slight return, the reason for the return of the reason for different reasons, please consider clearly confirm that the order is acceptable. - We are happy to solve the consumer's problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message. We will do our best to help, but if we give emotional evaluation without any communication, please let us reply with the same evaluation.


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