Wedding event corsage pair

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This paragraph uses Sora flower and hydrangea to match each other, adding rice fragrant, dried fruits, Cassiya as the embellishment, become the exclusive corsage, engagement, marriage, special events can be used together.



Wedding event corsage pair


[Corsage Size] 14cm in length × 7cm in width ♥ Duo Mi Zang is a personal studio. The designer alone completes the order receiving, production, packaging, and shipping. The message cannot be immediately answered, but it will be answered one by one. Please be patient. ♥ The non-withered flower materials used are directly delivered by large factories such as Japan Land Farm, Florever and other non-withered flowers with stable quality. They are not made in China and have lower prices. ♥ If you need custom flower gifts, please feel free to write to us. ♥ You can ask any flower gift maintenance questions after purchase. [Do not wither flowers] Non-withered flowers are true flowers, also known as frozen-age flowers, immortal flowers, or star flowers. It is collected when the flowers are the most beautiful, dried and dehydrated and replaced with fresh liquid to maintain the elasticity and soft touch of the flowers. This is why the flowers are not charming and worth collecting. Non-withered flowers maintain the most blooming appearance of the flowers, as if capturing the most beautiful moments in our lives. The best viewing period is 2 to 3 years, and it can be stored for longer. (Without flower does not fade, the color will only fade gradually) 【Precautions】 ♥ Avoid contact with water, neither withered flower nor dry flower need watering. ♥ Non-withered flowers are real flowers, which can easily deform or damage the flower body when touched. ♥ Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. (Sunlight will accelerate the fading speed of the flower, and humid environment will cause the petals to dye.) ♥ When dust gets on, it is recommended to use a soft-bristled brush or gently blow it off with cold air from a hair dryer. ♥ Each flower grows differently, so it will not be exactly 100% the same as the photo. ♥ In case of seasonal shortage of flowers, the same flowers will be replaced. ♥ Flower photos may be slightly discolored depending on the computer screen device. ♥ Please confirm the size and precautions of the flower gift before purchasing, which can greatly reduce the situation of "not as expected". ♥ If you have any questions after receiving the flower gift, please contact the designer. [Shipping Instructions] ♥ It is inevitable that small flowers will fall during the delivery process, which is normal. ♥ The flower gift sent by Supermarket is easy to be damaged. Supermarket pickup is not available. ♥ Designers ca n’t anticipate collision, drop and other situations during the delivery process, but the flower gift packaging will be shipped through a perfect anti-collision treatment. If there is any damage after receiving the flower gift, please take a photo and contact the designer. ♥ If the purchaser is different from the recipient, please be sure to inform the recipient that the shipment has arrived to avoid rejection.


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