British Wedgwood jasper blue jasper embossed dancing goddess brooch pin specified buyer subscript

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British bone china Wedgwood jasper blue jasper embossed dancing goddess brooch, pin, pendant ~ inventory ~ new ~ Valentine's Day gift



British Wedgwood jasper blue jasper embossed dancing goddess brooch pin specified buyer subscript


♥~Brand: Wedgwood ♥~ Origin: England ♥~年: 1950 ♥~ Size: 5cm x 3.5cm ♥~Status: This blue jasper embossed Greek mythology brooch, pin, can also be a pendant (with a clasp buckle) The brooch part has a safety buckle design (Do not put the safety buckle on the clothes, double-layer safety, even if the pin accidentally falls off, the safety pin is still on the clothes) Beautiful dancing goddess embossed totem ~ a good choice for Valentine's Day gift Carved and meticulous, lifelike, The goddess of dancing is John F. Flemish II. The artistic talent and academic knowledge of John Flesman II was expressed in ancient Rome and Greece. He has a place in the field of WEDGWOOD pottery in the UK. He settled in Rome and Italy for seven years, learning ancient Greek and Roman literature and discovering that the culture inspired his inspiration. John Flesman II was inspired by the wall lure of Villa Borghese in the late 18th century. In the mid-1870s, the model of "Dancing Goddess" was designed. The dancing goddess was originally 12 people. However, many of Wedgwood's designs sometimes only have one, three, six or eight goddesses. In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of dancing is mainly the "Horae" who is in charge of the seasonal sequence in Greek mythology. There is also a saying that the hour of the day is transformed from the morning to the late night into the beautiful figure of the goddess, star. The horizontal edge frame is decorated with a laurel totem that symbolizes glory and victory. Show the delicate veins of the laurel wreath and the goddess. Dressed in traditional Greek costumes, The flowing lines of the clothes, the graceful dance and posture, Through Wedgwood's traditional production techniques, it is the most valuable Wedgwood product. This series of fairy totems from the earliest jasper stone carvings, to the recently introduced 1995 bone china series are very popular totems. Item clean and crack-free corner Special style, seize the opportunity Bottom of backstamp : Wedgwood made England ♥~Good news~ The fan group of "Anny Crazy Antiquities" has been established in FB^^~ As long as you collect "Anny Crazy Antiquities" in FB, then go in and praise, you can share the fun of collecting antiquities with your friends. ~Welcome to join "Anny Crazy Antiquities" Become one of the members of the antiquities treasure hunt ^^^~ Please read about me before subscript, thank you ^^~ Photographed goods are inevitably colored. Antique full-hand or semi-manual appliances are perfect for non-modern machine molding products. There are many traces of the use of the years. But the fascinating place of antiquities is also the modern machine molding products can not display drops. Please read the product pictures and instructions beforehand. For buyers who have perfect requirements, please carefully consider before subscript. I am happy to answer any questions about the goods. Thank you for visiting me here and hope everyone enjoy your shopping here ♥ ~ Annie Shih ~♥


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