Tangyuan Porcelain Earrings Round Lemon Yellow and Pink Blue Square Ears Handmade Jewelry

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Create a modern look in the details. The lemon yellow, pink blue squares and thin black lines in the earrings are a whol



Tangyuan Porcelain Earrings Round Lemon Yellow and Pink Blue Square Ears Handmade Jewelry


Summer small clear heart porcelain earrings round lemon yellow and pink blue square ear needle handmade jewelry Material: Porcelain (1280 degree high temperature firing), ceramic special toner, transparent glaze, stainless steel ear Size: Porcelain (without ear) is 1.1 cm wide This earring is very light. Suitable for everyday wear. **Handwork, patience, temperature** The lemon yellow, pink blue squares and thin black lines in the earrings are a whole piece of dyed porcelain clay embedded in the white porcelain body (not drawn). After the inlaid program, each pair of porcelain earrings is hand-ground to remove the uneven surface, and a thin layer of transparent glaze adds a warm feeling. Finally, it is fired at a temperature of 1280 °C to ensure the hardness and quality of porcelain. Different from the effect of painting, the inlaid color blocks have clean fallen edges and lines, and the colors are saturated and the same concentration, creating a modern sense in the details. Round earrings wearing examples https://mengchanyu.com/Onlineshop_Material/Round%20earring%20wearing%20sample(2).jpg Each pair of earrings is packaged in a triangular carton. Remove unnecessary plastic use, use the hardness of the paper material itself and ingenuity, the designer creates a box structure that is surprising, and then comes with a glossy chocolate-colored ribbon. This package is suitable for buyers to give gifts directly. If the work needs to be sent directly to the recipient and wishes to attach a small handwritten card, the buyer can inform at the checkout. The designer will hand you your blessings and handwriting to the special small card! https://mengchanyu.com/Onlineshop_Material/%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87Onlineshop_pictures%20of%20the%20background%20stage(4).jpg https://mengchanyu.com/Onlineshop_Material/%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87Onlineshop_pictures%20of%20the%20background%20stage(3).jpg https://mengchanyu.com/Onlineshop_Material/%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87Onlineshop_pictures%20of%20the%20background%20stage(11).jpg https://mengchanyu.com/Onlineshop_Material/%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87Onlineshop_pictures%20of%20the%20background%20stage(12).jpg https://mengchanyu.com/Onlineshop_Material/%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87Onlineshop_pictures%20of%20the%20background%20stage(6).jpg https://mengchanyu.com/Onlineshop_Material/%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87Onlineshop_pictures%20of%20the%20background%20stage(9).jpg **Jewelry maintenance - I hope everyone's jewelry can be guaranteed as new** Avoid contact with moisture, moisture, or in a high humidity environment. Avoid contact with products containing chemical additives such as sunscreen lotions, cosmetics, perfumes, styling sprays, detergents, chlorine in swimming pools, etc. When not wearing, always wipe the sweat and grease of the jewelry with a dry cloth and put it in a dry place. **Reminder** The pattern of each pair of earrings is added by hand, so each pair of earrings has different nuances and is unique. Also, the product image may be chromatically different depending on the color of each computer. Please be sure to confirm and then purchase. International shipments may increase shipping time due to uncontrollable factors such as customs and holidays. Please wait patiently. Buyers are advised to reserve a delivery time of at least ten working days. This item does not contain shooting items. For those who like biscuit earrings, please click here: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/CvMPDf45?category=5 **Goods will be sent from Germany by registered mail. After the goods are sent out, the buyer will receive a private message with the tracking number, so that you can check the progress of the package delivery at any time!** Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese design │ handmade │ origin Germany


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