[Cottage a field] handmade Italian imports of vegetable tanning leather passport folder | leather passport

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[Cottage a field] handmade Italian imports of vegetable tanning leather passport folder | leather passport


**✦ Color:** Color (product map) | hazelnut dark brown | hazelnut light brown | warrior black | flames red | lapis lazuli | grass green | primrose yellow | mustard yellow brown https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/d1/ff/19/d1ff1979d0b3c000405b7a50636aad49.jpg Other color requirements can be asked to ask Due to different materials can be produced **✦ Product Description:** Primary color leather The change of the color is the sublimation of the years Like a leather texture of friends May wish to try to use the original skin Thin observation of the sunshine, hand temperature and grease to bring it a unique luster **✦ Free lettering service:** English case or number (limited to 10 words or less) Handmade stamps If a small error is normal But we will try to make him the best presentation **✦ Order Description:** Please note "color" and "lettering contents" when placing your order There are customer needs or any questions welcome letter asked We will reply as soon as possible _ Each piece of leather can produce a limited number of products Pure natural cortex is the most valuable above the fine lines Also due to the difference between pure hand and each piece of leather Every time out of the finished product if there are some differences in color, the skin has a few spots are all normal Acceptable friends and orders Another point of view In fact, this is the most natural and true presentation Experience the most primitive leather looks **✦ Brand Purpose:** Cottage-Tian's brand purpose is "less is more" We would like to use the most simple design to convey the unique charm given by the hand From the skin of the selection, open materials, cutting, hand-to-leather processing are all hand-made Like the inherent characteristics of leather With the time, the temperature and the accumulation of sunlight and more warm and shiny We look forward to being able to cultivate a common taste of leather life friends And we will be more committed to the development of special goods And then in the needle and the line staggered slit fine life Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan