Optional pattern olive wood long tray - whole piece of olive wood cutting - L68 wood cutting board (one thing and one shot)

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✺The product map is the shipping product (both sides). ♕This product is 41.6 in length and 17.1 in thickness and 1.8 cm in thickness♕ Olive wood is rich in oil, high in hardness, unique in pattern and not easy to mold. It is common in European family kitch


Optional pattern olive wood long tray - whole piece of olive wood cutting - L68 wood cutting board (one thing and one shot)


**✺The product map is the shipping product (both sides).** ✺If you need other olive wood cutting board trays, you can go to the Forest Design Museum to purchase ✺ **♕本商品编号L68** ♕This product is 41.6 in length and 17.1 in thickness and 1.8 cm in thickness. (Because of the manual production error of 0.5~1cm is normal) ✺This product is only shipped with the post office due to the size of the non-super-receipt. ┃Material ┃ Olive Wood Olivewood ┃原原产 Tunisian Tunisie ┃ olive wood life journey┃ https://i.imgur.com/cwSYWtY.jpg https://i.imgur.com/hZuhwGP.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ImmrQkG.jpg ┃ olive wood simple cleaning and maintenance ┃ **Step 1. Gentle wash** https://i.imgur.com/WTJNXwK.jpg Use a neutral detergent and use a soft cleaning sponge to clean the surface of the olive wood. Do not use strong acid or alkali or strong decontaminating chemicals, not only will damage the surface of the wood, but may also be contaminated during cooking due to residue. Ingredients. **Step 1-2. Remove astringency and heavy oil** https://i.imgur.com/TfRe2Mm.jpg If olive wood utensils such as chopping boards or spatula are contaminated with blood, fish or oily ingredients, use baking soda powder, lemon (including skin) or diluted white vinegar, with warm water on the surface or after short soaking, use warm Wash off the water to remove these annoying stains. **Step 2. Dry and dry in a dry and ventilated place** https://i.imgur.com/UWLzXF1.jpg Use a clean cloth, wipe off the residual water, and place the olive wood chopping board or spatula and other cooking tools in the indoor ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun, do not put it in the dishwasher or bake it. Dish machine to avoid bending, deformation or cracking. **Step 3. Regularly apply oil** https://i.imgur.com/UlcGUYc.jpg Every 2 to 3 weeks, in the case of dry wooden products, use kitchen-specific wood maintenance oil, and clean cloth, gently wipe the surface of the wood, can always keep its color bright and reduce the chance of mildew; because Taiwan is a hot and humid environment, it is recommended not to use Edible oil for maintenance (olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, etc.), because of the contact with air and microbes in the wood, resulting in high incidence of corruption, and will lead to oil consumption, so we recommend the use of kitchen-specific wood maintenance oil can. ┃Maintenance and use ┃ 1. Visiting the forest All olive wood products are natural logs. The oil has been soaked before shipment, and the color will be honey-colored. Therefore, after the first few cleanings, the color will become lighter. Natural oil color can be restored after oiling maintenance. 2. When the olive wood product is cleaned in the first few times, it will wash/wipe out the light yellow-brown natural substance or maintenance oil. It is a natural phenomenon, please use it with peace of mind. 3. When cleaning, rinse with warm or cold water, with a soft cleaning tool; after cleaning, dry the residual moisture, and put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally. 4. If the product is contaminated with scent, use cold water with white vinegar to scrub, then rinse off. 5. If you have doubts about dyeing (eg steak), scrub with baking soda and wipe the stained area with a rag or brush. 6. Do not expose to direct sunlight or place in a humid or rapidly changing environment. 7. Do not use in the dishwasher, dryer, or oven. 8. Regular maintenance methods: It is recommended to use food grade wood maintenance oil or natural beeswax to coat the surface of the product every month to maintain its natural luster. ┃Notes┃ 1. The olive wood product is hand-cut for the whole natural wood. In order to find out the applicable degree of each piece of wood, the most beautiful angle of the surface wood grain, the size of the cutting will be slightly different, because the whole piece of wood is handmade with tiny wood grain cracks. It is the most natural guarantee, and there will be treated veneers and knots on the edge of a little product. 2. No matter whether the wood is high or not, as long as they are soaked in water for a long time or can not be dried, it may be moldy. The wood will be whitened for a long time. Therefore, we all store olive wood products indoors; each product, size, The weight, thickness and pattern are a little bit different because she is not a product that is suppressed by the machine, and can see the beautiful appearance of the knot and the natural etch hole. ┃ olive wood question and answer Q: Are you making a whole piece of wood? A: Visit the forest and try to insist that the products are made of whole piece of wood. The reason is: as long as the wood that the title (spelling) has taken may contain formaldehyde, the probability will be very high! (Everyone looks at the old chopping board in their home!!!) This is the reason why our products are tested for zero formaldehyde. If there is a product because of the design, not the whole piece of wood, we will definitely mark it! Please also pay attention! Q: Do you have recommended maintenance oil? A: Visit the forest before shipping, you will have another layer of IKEA SKYDD wood maintenance oil (food grade mineral oil). *The choice of maintenance oil is most recommended with food grade mineral oil and natural beeswax, but please remember to "do not" use olive oil to maintain olive wood products, which will make your olive wood products smell bad. Q: Why do my olive wood products feel oily, and even the wrapping paper has some traces of oil? A: Visit all the olive wood products in the forest. Before shipment, the packaging staff will use the maintenance oil once to clean the package before shipment. Therefore, it is normal for your product to feel oily. All olive wood products, we will use proper coating, to avoid the maintenance oil on the packaging paper, if there is a little adhesion and no safety concerns, please rest assured, please forgive me. Q: Why is the color different from the beginning after I use it for the first time? A: Of course it will be different! Each time the cleaning will wash the maintenance oil again and again, so the color will not be the first color of the wax, it is quite simple to restore the color, in addition to the recommended maintenance every month, you can usually dry the product. After applying a thin layer of maintenance oil, you can maintain its color. Q: Olive wood chopping board can make big fish and big meat? A: Of course you can! It's just like using your past dip board! Q: Is olive wood available? A: A well-maintained olive wood can be used for decades, because it is not easy to mold, no splicing, no disintegration crisis, no paint stripping phenomenon, even if there are many use of knife marks After the basic polishing of the sandpaper, you can continue to use it! However, for food hygiene and safety, we strongly recommend that raw foods be cooked and that different cutting boards need to be used separately, which is a long-term health plan.


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