Brut Cake - Monsters (Clear Blue) Handmade blended wool dolls

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The "Mao Mao" series of the Brut Cake Monsters is limited edition! Each one is hand-woven and sewn, which is time-consuming and painstaking, and the workmanship is delicate and firm. The fluffy body is particularly fluffy and soft, and has slende


Brut Cake

Brut Cake - Monsters (Clear Blue) Handmade blended wool dolls


All hand-woven woven, delicate workmanship, limited edition! At present, Taiwan only sells at Pinkoi. After the payment is made, it will be shipped directly from Brut Cake Shanghai Studio. Due to limited manpower, it will take about 5-10 days to arrive. Please forgive me, thank you! (The price already includes postage, so there is no need to pay the shipping fee~) [ brand introduction] Brut Cake is a brand created by Taiwanese artist Nicole Teng in Shanghai, covering commodities, art, and most importantly, life. Brut is French, taken from the artistic style Art Brut (original art), emphasizing originality, rough and rough, with warmth and emotions; Cake means happiness and sweetness. We hope to touch more people with the work made by both hands, so that the essence of each material can be touched and cherished. [ size / material ] About 35cm high Blended wool, hollow cotton (filler) [ design concept] Wool weaving can bring the simplest and warmest feeling. We hope that through the hands and creation of Brut Cake, the fun of weaving will be passed on to everyone, making every day more happy and beautiful. Brut Cake chief designer Nicole Teng and her grandmother learned the craft of knitting, but initially it was fun, but gradually, weaving immersed her in the inner peace, and then started from a line, weaving creative and surprise Think about the world. < Brut Cake Monsters is an original IP from Brut Cake that has been exhibited since 2018 in conjunction with the large weaving art exhibition. Therefore, these small monsters are a combination of art, originality, and technological transformation. I hope that everyone with a small monster can feel the woven charm that Brut Cake wants to convey! With the warm heart and rich imagination created by the Brut Cake Monsters, each monster has a unique and lovable personality, like a good friend who is with you, so that you don't feel lonely, always Have a good mood! [ Product desciption] The "Mao Mao" series of the Brut Cake Monsters is the little babies! We choose a variety of warm-colored blended yarns, each of which is made by hand-knitted stitching. It takes time and effort, and the workmanship is of course delicate and firm. There are 4 color choices in the "Mao Mao" series. The fluffy body is particularly fluffy and soft. The buttons are used as eyes, and the slender arms and short legs. The simple but cute shape is particularly flattering. The touch is fluffy and soft, and no matter whether it is an adult or a child, there is no tingling and uncomfortable feeling when it comes into contact with the skin. laundry guide: It is recommended to dry clean or air dry after hand washing with water. Machine cleaning, dehydration, and drying may cause the product to fade, deform, or shrink. Note: Do not pull or twist excessively to avoid damage to the stitching of the product, thank you.


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