[co.Q version of the illustrator custom _ logs] can leave a message!!! Illustrator hand-painted custom commemorative birthday

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Want to arrange some hanging paintings that are exclusive to the in-store story? I want to send some commemorative gifts, but I don’t know what to send? Some words want to secretly tell the important person?


[co.Q version of the illustrator custom _ logs] can leave a message!!! Illustrator hand-painted custom commemorative birthday


FB : Cobalt Blue IG : ho_chen_fang Pinkoi : cobalt !!This is a log slice!! You can leave a whisper or name on the back of the chip!! !! Can't accept this style, don't drop the label!! [Materials of the work] : Natural wood chips (about palm size), acrylic paint, gloss protection paint [selling objects] ● Merchants with mascots or characters as an environmental layout or space display (ex featured coffee shop, Wenqing shop, etc.) ● I want to put my own character map into a porch ●Mao child photo, portrait photo conversion Q version illustration commemorative collection, gift [customized process] 1. Inquire by letter, provide more than 3 main characters (need to indicate which main action is) 2. Background photos, or ideas provided (select monochrome background please ignore Europe ~) 3. Communicate ideas and confirm the amount of color (please inform the specified color, did not inform the team to match the color!) 4. Confirm the custom price (the price will change due to the complexity of drawing) 5. Confirm the production time, usually about 3-4 weeks, only accept orders (Please contact us in advance, the painter will evaluate and inform if it can be completed and received within the time limit) 6. After the payment confirmation is recorded, start drawing 7. Return the finished product [Creation process] From design, color matching, drawing, painting, packaging, each step is handmade by us~ [Content Description] ・This paragraph does not trace the line, the color block is the main ・This product is drawn by hand and will be different from the reference picture provided by the buyer due to the beautiful picture, shape, color and position distribution. ・Protected paint, water repellent, not faded ・Acrylic paintings are unified on the right side of the frame (including the painter's signature / the year of the year / screen role name (can be omitted)) [Usage and maintenance methods] ・Please avoid the wet environment, please avoid collision pressure ・When cleaning the surface of the painting, do not use strong detergent. Neutral cleaning is better and gentle. [Precautions before purchase] 1. The hand-painted style is not realistic and the photos will definitely fall. Please refer to the FB [Cobalt Blue] or IG [ho_chen_fang] pictures to make sure you like this illustration style! 2. This product is a personal customer, if you sell it, there is no way to return it! 3. The effect of the camera and the influence of the screen may cause color difference, and the products are mainly entities. ———————————————————————————————— [hand-painted custom copyright statement] ●. The custom illustration price only includes the ownership of the physical work. ● The consignor may not reproduce the image and use it for commercial, for-profit, commercial exposure, etc. without additional authorization (Note 1), and may not authorize the design to a third party privately. ● The use of the principal's personal non-commercial behavior is not within this limit. (Note 2) ●The copyright of the work image is legally protected. All copyrights and works of the work are actually painted by HO, CHEN-FANG. All copyrights and works of property include but not limited to the use of works for printing, exhibitions, online exhibitions, etc. Right ●If you really like the finished product, you want to share it on the commercial networking site of the powder class. Remember to indicate the name of the painter ho_chen_fang and the source FB/IG/pinkoi/ website, any URL [The order of the principal is to agree and abide by the above specifications] *Note 1 There are commercial needs (ex: the production of business cards, LOGO, postcards and other peripheral products). You can negotiate separately and you need to sign a license to use. The FB fan group with profit-making behavior is a commercial use, and an additional authorization contract is required. *Note 2 The use of personal non-commercial use includes: the use of personal mobile phone tablecloths, the printing of greeting cards for personal sales, the personal FB headshots, the printing of daily necessities for personal sales, etc. If you have any questions about copyright, please feel free to write to us. ———————————————————————————————— Please read the precautions before purchase and think carefully before placing an order. Any questions, want to see the details of the recent photos can be messageed by the river boy Europe ~ \\ This is a custom service, please write in the first letter to ask \\


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