Wonderland Series ll Amusement Park ll Hand-painted oil painting phone case

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Wonderland \ Painted in a matte color, it feels like a fairyland. With a little white splash, don’t have a flavor



Wonderland Series ll Amusement Park ll Hand-painted oil painting phone case


Wonderland \ Painted in a matte color, it feels like a fairyland. With a little white splash, don’t have a flavor //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Secretly telling you that putting a hand-painted phone case under the lamp is another fascinating beauty:) The owner is currently studying in Taiwan, so it will be shipped from Taiwan :) __Hong Kong original design, currently hand-made in Taiwan.__ ・Pigment: Mainly drawn for imported pigments from the UK. ・The phone case material is waterproof and scratch resistant. ・The production period takes seven to ten working days (excluding holidays). If the order needs to be delivered before the specified date, please inform us of the order note. :) ・Usage and maintenance methods: It can be used normally. (Because the pigment cannot be permanently attached to the phone case, it may fall off after a long time.) ・Each phone case will have a free maintenance, but the shipping cost to the studio will be borne by the buyer.**All models that can be painted**are as follows: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/BGG9AQpv ・Iphone series can be upgraded to all-inclusive soft shell (there will be instructions at the end of the article) Upgrade link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1l64OMgg **(Need to subscript at the same time!)** ・Hand-painted works can be added and adjusted for color distribution and proportion Add the name, please click the following link to add: (add the name to choose whether you want to keep the Logo) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/W0pOezjD ・Each phone case will have Chuckling Hot Silver Logo. If you do not need Logo, you must make a note when ordering, because you can't change and remove it as soon as you enter the production process. https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/228467/f/1032039.jpeg //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // **It is recommended to take a moment to check out our designer Q&A.** Q: May I ask my product to be exactly the same as the photo? A: Because each product is hand-painted by the designer, the hand-painted ones are not the same as ours. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they are exactly the same. Please forgive me ^^. Q: Will the mobile phone case be lacquered? A: Because the phone case belongs to objects that will be in constant contact, the pigment cannot be permanently attached to the normal condition. The condition of falling paint is always possible! We will provide one free maintenance, the shipping cost to the studio will be borne by the buyer, and the shipping cost will be paid by the buyer after the repair. (Note: Please do not rub frequently, and the fragile parts of the four corners cannot withstand frequent friction.) Q: Is the surface of the phone case smooth? A: Most of the current pastoral/gradient/ice cream series are bumpy, but if the back of the phone is curved, it will feel more. (The protective oil may be uneven because of the curved surface, the oil will always go off during the dry process, and we also try our best to make it as attached as possible. Please mind if you mind). The original design phone case is smooth. Q: Can I use a mobile phone envelope? A: It is not recommended, because we have chosen a hard shell that is just good, and the fit is very high. Q: Can I send it to Super Merchant? A: We presuppose that it is sent by registered mail and I need to sign it. **If you want to pick up the goods, please purchase this: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/193mnE8N** Q: Can I return the goods and return the money if I don’t like the product or the wrong model? A: No, please pay attention to the order information before placing the order. If the information is wrong, please contact us as soon as possible. (Customized goods: add words and remove the Logo products can not return a refund) We will make the order according to the content of the order. The word or model is subject to the order details. (Please add a note to the special request, thank you!) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Please refer to the following figure and table for the upgradeable soft shell and hard shell of iPhone: https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/228467/f/1048465.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbEXPcZSnTc https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1969/31353333238_738f8728af_b.jpg Upgrade link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1l64OMgg Finally, attach the recommended method of putting on the phone case~~byebye! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofguhamnn4I