Mini-Postcard‧[Dadaocheng] (10pc,1 tin box)

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Mini-Postcard‧[Dadaocheng]  (10pc,1 tin box)


/ Profile / Dadaocheng postcard including 10 topic. Respectively, Dadaocheng( possess architectural features), every single grain is the fruit of hard work(dao means rice, cheng means square and daocheng is meaning rice drying ground), hope(the famous godliness City God and god of marriage or matchmaker), tranquil(tea business open trade prosperity), enjoy(many North-South goods have featured businesses, there have output of tea and other input goods), reunion(Yongle Market is Wholesale distribution center for the cloth),Ni-hao(after the economic development ,the entertainment and traditional opera have performances in Dadaocheng-theater ),1920s(cultural and social movements initiated by Mr. Weishui Chiang, and around the world historical figures),brave(historically different groups was brave to the wind and waves for open up new situation), finally, keep going(now what we do in Dadaocheng). We use the illustration image to convey for Dadaocheng architectural and historical and vivid description the history of a region. Not only with use graphics to express the beautiful of building, but also use the way of Set postcards and adding the notion of time to tell the development of a region, as well as many stories. Let more people understand the development of Dadaocheng by characteristic of rapid spread of the postcard. Dadaocheng is one of the earliest development in Taipei. Nowadays, Dadaocheng is south of Minsheng West Road and north of Zhongxiao West Road. The area is from east of Tamsui River to west of Chongqing North Road. In the past, there had many touching story because of pier river shipping benefit, economic and cultural activities are very active. Many architectural features has been preserved. Many of the traditional industries gather in this place. In recent years, there are many new career choice to Dadaocheng development. / Specifications / Box size (H x W x D): 10cm x 8cm x 3cm ,1box Postcard size (H x W): 9.5cm x 7.5cm , 10pc / Material / Postcard:Wood Free Paper BOX:Tin plate / About designer / 【U&S = "Uncle and Sister" 】 We are Uncle & Sister (U&S). Graduated from the same university, we both love illustration and design and enjoy running wild with our imagination. Sharing the same ideals and passion towards design, together we started an illustration studio under the brand U&S, designing products with elements from local cultures. Our main services are illustration design and image authorization. We are also active in teaching illustration and promoting education in aesthetics. We created a group of barefooted elves with long foot hair called the “Barefoot Family”Barefoot shows a love towards nature and earth, telling people to love the earth; foot hair means preserving one's born traits, encouraging people to be proud of their original self. / Origin / Taiwan / Printing


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