[Western antique jewelry / old age] Van Dell 12K gold beautiful deep blue Rhine necklace

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We sell Western antiques and old accessories, non-new products, photos are taken in kind, as shown in the picture, please do not look at the standard of new products. The old jewelry we received were all popular in the American society from the 1960s to th


[Western antique jewelry / old age] Van Dell 12K gold beautiful deep blue Rhine necklace


**◆Commodity description ◆** Very new Beautiful **● Mark: Van Dell 1/20 12K GF** **● The age of about 1960's** **● Commodity source: New York, USA** **● Size: 2 x 2.5 (cm) per pendant / Chain length - contains pendants about 42 (cm)** **● Material: 12K gold + Rhine diamond** [About Van Dell Jewelry] When people think of the more popular designers in the middle of the 20th century, they don't necessarily think of the name Van Dell. This is not to say that Van Dell's work is not good, but these works are not like Trifari, Sarah Coventry, Coro, or other designers. That's famous. But if you are looking for well-made medieval jewellery, you may not find a better design than Van Dell. Van Dell was founded in 1938 in Providence, Rhode Island and is still a jewelry center. The metal works produced by the company are usually 925 sterling silver, gold-filled and gold-plated instead of cheap alloy metal, which is one of the reasons why the design works are rare, because the fine metal jewelry is not made in large quantities. Many of Van Dell's designs use cultured pearls and interesting synthetic diamonds, as well as other precious stones, such as Austrian crystals; the quality of the jewelry is high and the quality is close to that of fine jewelry. Some of the early works were sold for $65 or more in the 1960s, which is equivalent to 50 years in the Republic of China, and now worth nearly $300 for a piece of jewelry of $65. The Van Dell logo was first used in 1939. Like many designers in the mid-20th century, Van Dell has produced a series of very beautiful hand-carved ivory jewellery. Due to the ban on the use of modern ivory products, most online sales sites only allow ivory jewellery before the ban, so these products Today is quite collectible. Their cute real ivory jewelry collection is marked with red and silver foil hangtags. **● Please see the size and condition of the product description, and consider whether the size is appropriate. Do not see the photos of the US and the US.** **● Do not take a photo of the pin item, please be sure to read the description of the "commodity size" and make a judgment; the pin is widely used, not only in the coat, neckline, belt, shoes, bag, headgear, foreign hand The amateurs also have a special collection of antique brooch-made "jewelry paintings", which are expensive and very special.** **● If you choose old jewelry as a gift, please measure whether the other person accepts such an old object?** **There are some slight flaws and some slight traces of use... This is a possible situation. If your gift object is unacceptable, please go to the pinkoi platform to buy other brand "new" products as gifts.** "**Purchase Needs**" __◆**Packaging materials in the old time corner**__ Old accessories that are purchased, mailed or delivered by the Internet will be properly packaged in the old corners. To avoid the pressure, drop, bump, wet (rain)... during the delivery process, we will use the carton + thin waterproof plastic sleeve + bubble paper to be loaded and sent. ■ Earrings: A pair of earrings will be separated by two thickened sealed bags + cardboard. ■ Pins: thick sealed bag + carton. ■ Necklace: The pendant and chain will be separated by a thin sealed bag → fit into a thick sealed bag + carton. __◆**Buyers who purchase Vintage Jewelry for the first time need to know**__ ■ The antique jewelry we sell is not a brand new product. They were produced in the 1940s and 1970s. They are all older than 10 years old. Therefore, there are certain traces of time and age → it is old! ■**Do not look to the standard new goods**We sell old jewelry photo regarded put a lot of photos, a detailed view the product detail photos, objects are explained step asks you to confirm before buying, so do not accept purchase; Return and exchange due to differences in personal cognition. ■ "The screen will have color difference! This is one of the risks of online shopping. If you can't accept this slight drop, you are not suitable for purchasing goods on the Internet platform. ■ The product delivery process is damaged due to force majeure. If there is an absolute difference between the received product and the original product photo (such as a broken product), a refund can be made; if the product is received, it is not suitable for the “imaginary look”, color difference, and size. .. and other related problems that are not damaged due to the transportation process, no refund can be made. __◆**Maintenance of old accessories**__ ■ Please do not put jewelry of various materials and different materials in the same drawer or jewelry box. Because the materials of the jewelry are different in hardness, they will rub against each other and cause wear and scratches. ■ If you are engaged in sports, family affairs, etc., please remove your accessories to avoid damage from external impact. ■ Try not to touch sweat, rain, sea water, perfume, and cosmetics. Do not wear jewelry for bathing. ■ Taiwan has a humid climate. If it is not worn for a long time, please wipe the old jewelry with a dry cloth → put it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with the air. ■ Necklace items should be stored separately from the chain. The "pendant" can be placed in a small sealed bag → outside and the chain and then placed in a large sealed bag.


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