Aura Handmade │ Sweet Almond Avocado Soap │ Handmade Soap

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Sweet almond oil is moisturizing and gentle to the skin, and has a high cosmetic value. It can even be used as a base oil for massage; it is added with avocado oil, which is known to be very helpful for sensitive skin, so this soap is good for adults. Suit


Aura Handmade │ Sweet Almond Avocado Soap │ Handmade Soap


[Recipe design] Sweet almond oil is moisturizing and gentle to the skin. It has high cosmetic value and can even be used as a base oil for massage. It is added with avocado oil, which is known to be very helpful for sensitive skin. So this This soap is suitable for adults and children, even sensitive skin! [Suitable skin] General skin, sensitive skin [Making ingredients] Coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rose geranium essential oil, happy sage essential oil, sodium hydroxide, pure water [Usage method] Wet the soap body and knead it to make a foam. It can be used with a foaming net to make the foam more detailed. Apply evenly to the body for massage and then wash with water. [Net weight] 100g ± 10g 【From the edge of Mo Yang】 In order to love yourself and the earth, I started using handmade soap; in order to understand handmade soap, I started to study handmade soap, and went to class to learn handmade soap; in order to ensure the credibility and accuracy of each ingredient, I started to make handmade soap ... [Quality soap concept] The production process uses a cold soap process, with a soap drying period of more than 7-8 weeks, which ensures that the alkalinity of the soap is reduced to a milder state for the skin. The soap making process must be compared. Because I am also a user, I hope that my companion who loves handmade soap will experience a comfortable and ideal washing feeling. Therefore, the formula is indeed accurate and sloppy. Because it does not contain preservatives, so No mass production and no stocking. I hope that every friend who likes handmade soap will get the freshest soap products. I also hope that every friend can leave a message to share with us after washing, so that we can improve and Room for growth. In addition, hand-washing soap is a great benefit to the environment. After washing, the water will be decomposed by bacteria in nature, and it is not easy to form environmental hormones that harm the earth. Environmental protection can also start from daily life. !! [Yang Yang insists] ◗ Contains no preservatives, any surfactants, fixatives, and antibacterials. ◗ Imported and local fresh oils are used for oil products, and there is no need to recycle oil. 有限 Limited production quantity to ensure fresh quality. [Storage method] Store in a dry, cool and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight. 【Precautions】 1. The colors produced by each batch will be slightly different. There may be differences in colors due to the weather, time or the color of mineral powder, which does not affect the quality and use. 2. The soap body is cut by hand, so the shape of each batch or even the soap body may not be exactly the same, please forgive me. 3. Because the soap body does not want to modify the surface smoothly, avoid waste and cut off too much soap, so the surface is naturally windy, please forgive me. 4. The taste of natural essential oils will also evaporate and fade over time, which is normal. 5. Apply soap and water on the inside of the arm before use. If there is no allergic reaction, you can use it with peace of mind. 6. Full MIT, made in Taiwan, quality assurance.


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