Classic Corolla Rose Gold Diamond Ring

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| Material | 10K rose gold, brilliance diamond | Drill Weight | 0.192ct | Products | Gift box with Diamondream drawer, special microfiber wipes, merchandise guarantee, bag


Classic Corolla Rose Gold Diamond Ring

商品説明 Diamondream's main 10K gold jewellery has the same high quality as Japanese jewellery. Due to the reasonable market price of 10K gold, it is less susceptible to allergies and tougher than pure silver and other cheap metals. It also has vintage gold color. . The diamonds used by Diamondream are all nurturing diamonds, with exquisite cuts that give the diamonds a perfect shine. When you look at the diamond carefully, you can see the natural reflection of the rainbow like a rainbow. This beauty is no longer an unreachable dream, you can also have your own diamonds on a limited budget. Cultivating diamonds, also known as "technical real diamonds", are cultivated by simulating the natural diamond growth environment. Foreign countries call lab-diamond or created diamond. The cultivation of diamonds does not need to destroy the surface of the earth, there is no problem of labor exploitation, and it is friendly to nature. Therefore, it is also known as "green diamond". There are many jewellery brands in Europe and the United States to cultivate diamonds as the top jewelry raw materials. Cultivating a diamond is a true diamond with the same composition and characteristics as a natural diamond. It is not a substitute for diamonds such as zircon, moissanite, and soviet diamonds. Since the cultivation of diamonds is not limited by the purchase price of rough stones, the cutting work can be more accurate and the fire is more shining. Compared with the natural diamonds of the same grade, the price is more affordable, and the diamonds are still dazzling. **/ Why we choose to cultivate diamonds /** __price__ Many girls dream of owning diamonds, but they are discouraged because of high prices, and even because of the reality, they are completely inaccessible to diamonds. In terms of price, we choose the same level as natural diamonds, but the retail price is much lower than that of natural diamonds, which brings people closer to reality. “Buying is Voting”, every purchase is like a ballot. Consumption also determines the appearance of the future world. The world should not let people have no choice. Diamondream is committed to promoting the cultivation of diamonds, looking forward to breaking the inequality caused by prices, getting rid of conspicuous consumption constraints, making diamonds a part of life, and everyone can have their own diamonds. __Environmental protection__ In the process of cultivating diamonds, only the right amount of electricity and raw materials are used, rather than the destructive exploitation of the surface by large machinery. The cultivation of diamonds does not in any way lead to blood diamonds and conflict diamonds, child labour and human rights violations when natural diamonds are mined. Cultivating diamonds not only protects the global environment, but also reduces carbon emissions, reduces environmental burdens, and promotes world peace. It is a green jewel in a friendly environment. According to reports, Leonardo, who starred in the movie "Blood Diamond", invested in the development of diamonds by supporting the humane production of synthetic diamonds. He said: "For the investment of Diamond Foundry (California Cultivating Diamond Production Company) We are proud that the company's continuous cultivation of diamond technology is expected to reduce the damage and environmental damage caused by mining diamonds to mining workers." __More shiny__ Under the professional turning work, the diamond can reflect the three optical phenomena of "light", "flame" and "flash". The light refers to the white blaze caused by the reflection of light on the surface, and the fire is the white light dispersed into the colorful light. The flash is related to the number of cut faces of the diamond, and the more the cut surface, the stronger the flash. Because natural diamonds are subject to the price factor of the weight of the raw materials, in order to retain the largest proportion of the diamond ore, the turners are often limited, and the cultivation of diamonds is not limited to this, and the perfect beauty can be used to distribute the three beautiful lights of the diamonds. __Real diamond__ Laboratory diamonds are true diamonds. Their chemical, physical, atomic, optical and all properties are identical to those of natural diamonds. Currently, there are two common ways to grow diamonds, high temperature and high pressure (HPHT) or chemical vapor. Precipitation (CVD), which is generated in an analogous natural diamond-generating environment in the laboratory, reproduces the reaction of carbon and converts it into a real diamond. **/ Professional identification of diamonds /** In the international trend, the cultivation of diamonds, including the Accreditation Laboratory (GCAL), the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and other international authoritative jewelry institutions, has included the cultivation of diamonds into professional appraisal. Professional jewelry appraisers will grade the cultivated diamonds according to the 4C standard set by GIA, including colour, clarity, carat and cut.


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