5 minutes [Japan HIGHTIDE] (grass green) time hourglass custom lettering gift sand time meter

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A short sentence can be engraved on the hourglass, please order the note. If there are more words or engraving patterns can be quoted separately, please leave a message. 14 working days for about 3 weeks, urgent items can be + urgent service fee, please co


5 minutes [Japan HIGHTIDE] (grass green) time hourglass custom lettering gift sand time meter


The hourglass not only reminds us of the time per minute, but also symbolizes the love, friendship and happiness that cherish us. Time is disappearing, things are changing, and memories of the passage of time may disappear. Use this time hourglass to engrave the glass on the bottle and always seal the time that was once forgotten. Every hourglass that has been carefully blown by the master, the perfect arc formed by one, and the delicate colored sand holding the hand can not help but flip the play, watching the fine sand flowing through the thin passage. As if there is magic, the childhood memories of the hour are awakened... The flowing sand is like the wine in the cup, slowly and bit by bit, taste it, sip a cup, and enjoy a moment of leisure. This kind of hourglass is not only special, but also extraordinary. It is quite suitable for being placed in the elegant study room. At the same time, it is immersed in wine tasting and book fragrance to find a person's free life. The average fine drop of the fine sand across the glass until the last sand falls, there is no way to stop the passage of time, but you can choose to enjoy this quiet and elegant moment. Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING Glass Engraving Brand: Japan HIGHTIDE Material: glass / sand Size: height about 9.8cm x 5.1cm made in China Function: Timekeeping 5 minutes (hourglass design is mainly for viewing and time measurement, non-precision to seconds without error) Packing: It adopts elegant solid wood box and safe shatterproof packaging, and environmental protection packaging material can also be used as a collection and storage. Features: The small glass bubble on the hand-made glass hourglass and the water line pattern are normal and non-tanning. Please pay attention to the manual characteristics of the glass before ordering. Note: The glass is not secured and will not be repaired if it is damaged. **Note: The color of the picture will be different due to the difference between shooting light or personal screen setting, which will cause partial color difference. Please refer to the actual product color.** **Color: Large-area colored glass will have a visually dark shade due to the amount of light entering. If the color requirements are high, please go to the store to see the actual product, and confirm that the network is custom-made and accept the color difference.** **Note: This work contains sand as an air embargo and cannot be sent abroad. Please pay special attention.** Custom range: name (Special custom or text is more complication based on complexity) The historical hourglass of various hourglasses is said to have been invented by Alexander in the third century, where they sometimes carry it with them, just like the watches that people carry today. It is speculated that in the 12th century, at the same time as the advent of the compass, it was invented as an instrument for nighttime sea navigation (in the daytime, sailors can estimate the time based on the height of the sun). The discovery with definite evidence was earlier than the 14th century, the earliest hourglass was a suitable government in 1338. The fables of the murals in Ambolonzetti appeared in the same period mentioned in the hourglass, which appeared in the list of ship shops In ancient China's history, people discovered that the water would flow out from the cracks on average. Therefore, the water clock was invented, but water vapor or icing was often caused by climate change, and it was impossible to accurately time the water. For fine sand, it becomes a common hourglass. Maybe you can put it in the kitchen, use the hourglass at different times, and time the precise moment of each dish; or put it in your child's study room, replace the ear in a quiet way, gently remind the children that the time is quietly passing, let the hourglass Become the most pleasing decoration in the house. **Hand carved lettering example** https://shoplineimg.com/5600b9d7039055a866000051/5d8aa5b6bf281b0035ad6243/1600x.jpg https://shoplineimg.com/5600b9d7039055a866000051/5d8aa5b7e3f2620038cf6368/1600x.jpg


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