Milk Tea Pastel Painted Enamel Mug with Christmas Packaging

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Alice walked to the palace this day and walked in from the gorgeous palace palace Seeing that the queen in taste is tasting in a milk tea-colored enamel cup ... I feel that there is always a strong milk tea fragrance floating towards Alice ...


Milk Tea Pastel Painted Enamel Mug with Christmas Packaging


/ Alice's Whimsical World Series / Series One day Alice walked into the magic book and the world that constantly appeared in front of her was beyond her imagination ... Melon's vines are constantly rising to cover the light blue sky From time to time, the branches and leaves of the pumpkin climb to Alice's pale pink dress The black knight in the distance walked slowly and led her towards the castle ... / Unique charm Painted enamel breaks through the general flowing and flipping and swinging process techniques, especially the outer layer is painted with touch brushing techniques. The color block staining and mixing performance is full of unique hand feel, so the cup has a thick and layered touch. The new look of enamel with fashion taste and cultural creativity / Color Cup body-milk tea powder with warm white staggered, warm white is randomly stained with eight colors to create a special handmade feeling Inside the cup-warm white / Size Capacity 650ml, cup mouth 8.5cm (Dia) X11 width cm (W) X height 14cm (H) / Material / Iron = enamel + 304 Stainless steel Cup Body-Iron / Coated-Enamel / Inlay-304 Stainless Steel Ring / Christmas hand made texture packaging / Package of handmade To greet the arrival of Christmas, we always make every fan a decent gift at Christmas through delicate hand-made packaging, and this year is no exception! / Origin / Made in Taiwan Taiwan / Use Tinker Bell / Careful instrucion A. Painted enamel is full of handmade and visual sense, so don't be surprised when receiving the goods! This is the unique visual experience of painted enamel B. Enamel Art Street Enamel products are produced in small quantities and in limited quantities. Please check the current product inventory before placing an order. C. Enamel products are hand-made, and there will be some small black spots, bubbles, and hanging marks on the surface of the product, such as the cup edge and the inside of the handle. These are normal phenomena of the enamel process, which does not affect the use of the product. If it is perfectionism Please do not place an order. D. Enamel products have been inspected by SGS [SGS Report No. CT / 2015 / C0440]. Enamel glaze will not be discolored. Please rest assured. E. Enamel products should be protected from excessive pressure and strong impact with sharp objects. If the surface is deglazed or peeled off, it is recommended to stop using or contact us. F. Please use mild detergent and non-abrasive sponge or cloth for cleaning. G. The enamel product embryo is made of metal and suitable for young children. However, in order to prevent enamel damage and improper use, adults are advised to accompany it. H. Because enamel products have the excellent effect of heat preservation and ice retention, if you touch the place near the heating source, it is recommended to use a heat insulation pad to prevent hot feeling. I. Enamel products are suitable for direct heating of gas stove and direct heating of induction cooker. J. Do not use the cold and hot alternately when using enamel products. It is easy to cause damage to the thermal expansion and contraction of the enamel layer. It is recommended that the enamel layer be left at room temperature before use.


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