Moon and stars - would not think of these add together so tasty!


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  • Do not like to eat pineapple with star fruit, but how such a delicious baked dry achievements !!!
    Recommended soak for longer will not suffer + Assam Ceylon black tea leaves, catch pineapple, star fruit, dried apples after,
    Cup of green palms little thirst sun ~~~ natural sweet and stomach, it is suitable for afternoon tea to a cup!
    Nutritional value and characteristics of each fruit is different, especially we like to introduce rarely bought to eat "carambola" ~
    Do you know 👉🏿✨ with carambola ✨
    Rarely hear people say like to eat it, ice it carambola everyone loves!
    Few are sold with pineapple soup Yang Feng, but several are in cold-based.
    In fact, carambola is cool, so there are detoxification diuretic effect, try not to eat cold,
    Instead, milder hot it may have anti-inflammatory effects ShunQi lungs!
    Especially if you have bleeding hemorrhoids also issue 😏, eat more carambola, regarded as natural ok stretch! 😆😆😆
    It lowering blood pressure and gastrointestinal joint disease of great help, but there is renal dysfunction on one thousand! Million! No! To! Touch! It!
    Because the Carambola is rich in potassium, renal metabolism, but can not afford it will be dead !!!
    There do not say you do not know: the sugar content of carambola But the king of fruit Oh!
    【Food items】
    Dried fruit tea
    Ingredient / ingredients]
    Pineapple dry milk / Fuji apple dry / dry Erlin carambola
    Assam Ceylon red tea +
    Carefully selected fruit dried as a careful cleaning of pesticide residues, retained most of the nutritional value of peel; then by 40 degrees, up to two days of low temperature drying, and no added sugar.
    Most dried fruit market some wet surface or unreasonable sweetness, even imported natural organic advertised, too, in fact, contain saccharin and sulfur dioxide, is nothing more or less content.
    Eat fruit is to eat natural flavor, do not be fooled additives, DALI's so you really eat fruits rich in natural nutrients!
    [Save info / tasting Term]
    Place a cool dry place or refrigerated / month or so (the sooner the better)
    [5] capacity into the cup
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan handmade
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Moon and stars - would not think of these add together so tasty!

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