A5 Handbook/Notebook Book Set - with pen insert and bookmark │ vegetable tanned leather can be branded (10 words)

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Applicable to all kinds of A5 notebooks on the market, adding different size compartments inside, so that notebooks have more uses and value, and the utilization rate is 100%. With pen insertion ~ take notes at any time, master every message


A5 Handbook/Notebook Book Set - with pen insert and bookmark │ vegetable tanned leather can be branded (10 words)


"brand introduction" • Made of 100% hand-made vegetable tanned leather (top layer leather), hand-prepared, plate-punched, perforated, stitched with wax and thread, and finished and finalized. • In addition to the primary colors and black, the rest of the colors are hand-dyed by the designer. The color of each product is different. This is the characteristics and advantages of hand dyeing. Designers can make the product unique, unique and no longer copy. • The hardware is made of copper and made of YKK zipper (other copper-colored hardware such as bronze) is available. [Original by KM hand-made workshop] The product is simple and not artificial, emphasizing durability and practicality. It insists on using vegetable tanned leather to make goods. Because the real cowhide can be used with the increase of the number of times and the baptism of the years, the leather surface gradually Gloss has brightness, showing a sense of life in another stage of leather. Order Matters • The product is “order-to-order”, KM starts production after confirming payment, and waits for an average of 7-10 working days (excluding Saturdays and holidays) • Please indicate the color of the leather and wax line in the Q&A ◎ Leather color: primary color, black, coffee, coke tea, light tea, yellow, orange, brick red, red, pink, purple, coral green, lake blue, monarch blue, monarch gray, olive green ◎ wax line color: black, pure white, beige, brown, red, cocoa, matcha, Portuguese purple, pink or by the designer "Precautions" ※The color of the product will be slightly different due to the brightness of the screen of the personal computer. The actual color is mainly based on the actual product. ※Half-customized/full-customized goods, branded goods cannot be returned. ※ Branded Chinese fonts require an additional version fee, and the word version will be mailed together with the order product. Maintenance method • Try to avoid touching the water. If it is exposed to moisture, let it dry in a cool place. Do not use heat to remove moisture (hair dryer, exposure) and avoid oil stains. • If it is not used for a long time, please keep it with leather oil or lotion before storage, and put it in a zipper or sealed bag after drying to avoid moisture intrusion. • After the product is stored, the surface condition of the leather should be checked regularly and maintained continuously to extend the life of the leather. • There are scars, lines and plaque on the leather surface. If you don't mind, please do not place an order. • The oil content and pore size of each part are different, so the hand dyeing effect will be different. Each product is unique and can no longer be copied. Origin / Manufacturing Method • Origin: Taiwan • Manufacturing method: 100% hand-made, hand-printed, hand-dyed, hand-stitched **"Product Specifications and Introduction"** Product Name: A5 Handbook/Note Book Cover - Attached Pen and Bookmark Material: black vegetable tanned leather (top layer leather) Content specifications: A5 notebook, business card, note paper mezzanine, pen insert, primary color bookmark Product desciption: A durable and practical notebook book cover can follow the owner for a lifetime~ As the master's little secretary, chief financial officer, girlfriend, little teacher... Applicable to all kinds of A4 notebooks on the market The book cover is not tied to which note itself Can change notebooks casually Add different sizes of compartments inside to make notebooks more useful and valuable Every working day in the future Let it accompany you / every day and every year of the future Hand-dyed tanning leather (color can be customized, freely matched by the owner) 🖋With pen insertion~ Take notes at any time and master every message 🖋Brown wax line, Monarch blue (dark blue) leather 🖋 Card compartment can be used to place customer business cards, proximity cards 🖋L type compartment can insert different documents or materials ※※※Products do not contain notebooks, only book covers are sold ※※※


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